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  1. Dang... I hadn't thought of that genius suggestion. Have yourself an Internet cookie. :-)
  2. I play in a dense wooded area and DPM is king. But as said, it's a fashion parade really.
  3. Right. Received my Bowmans a couple of weeks ago and nothing. Even on its loudest setting it was only just audible. I contacted the seller who immediately sent out a new PTT. I know the radio works with the basic mobile phone style earpiece so it must be the PTT. With that in mind I have a question. The plug is a lot heavier duty than that which is supplied. I'm sure that I've read about "shaving the plug" for a more snug fit. My radio is a Baofeng GT-3 MK2, so takes a Kenwood style plug. The handset itself has a rubber coating so that also hinders a snug fit. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions? Cheers
  4. Mine is based on my ability to blend into the background. I blend DPM, MTP, olives, tan and black. If you can see me, I've failed. It's that simple. I carry 2 m4s and an M9. Why? Because it's my style.
  5. Fair. I shall stick with the 7's. Cheers bus. Where's best to buy from?
  6. Hi guys. After some advice. Just bought an Ares Amoeba and I'm after some advice at to which lipo's to go for. I've done a search and there are literally hundreds of branded/unbranded choices. The chap in the shop said that it can be run on an 11v but only short bursts for a short time for giggles but to stick middle of the road for the majority of the time. Does this mean 7.4? Cheers
  7. I went off half cocked once. It was very embarrassing.
  8. Combat Machine. I wish I had. I have a CYMA Sig Saur 556 and a G&G M4. The Sig is heavy, very heavy as it's full metal. The M4 Now comes out at midday as I can't be arsed to carry the Sig. I used a Combat Machine and WOW. Light, accurate, good ROF and bloody cheap/well priced. You'll no doubt do what we all did and go crazy with attachments, sights etc and there's plenty of rail for them. (Oh, you will end up with a spare room of attachments after a while as you learn your gun and figure what works best for you) The best advice (which I am echoing) is go to a site and try out some guns. Don't rush into a purchase bud.
  9. Let's be honest, we've all lost it from time to time. This time of year seems to be a little more active. Adrenalin is pumping, temperature is on the up (thank a diety) and people get more irritable. I lost it last month as there was a guy who wouldn't take his hits for tish. Single shots, nope, full retard, nope! My comeback was to pick up the LMG from the guy next to me and lace him with about 300 rounds. Still nothing. So I skipped up to him, politely informed him that perhaps he may wish to take his hits of the sniper behind us (hooray for coms) would give him a red dot for a week. He accepted my offer and walked off. The Marshall had seen everything, had a word in his ear and he took the rest of his hits. Moral of the story? Get a marshal to do the dirty work. Being a knob achieved nothing.
  10. But their adaptability and compatibility is their strong point. My Sig, for example is what it is. End of.
  11. Then you really should go combat machine if you're planning some heresy. I don't own one but have used one as my Sig Saur 556 took some "downtime" and was surprised how good it was. Plenty of rails for attachments, good ROF and accuracy (although it was some what modified)
  12. (Not meaning to spam post but) Thanks @ Airsoft-Ed I found that a very informative response.
  13. Hello, hello, hello, hellos. Best is subjective. I have an ICS brand, Sig Saur 556 which outguns some TM M4/M16's at my local site. If you have experience with "real steel" you may find Airsoft a little disappointing due to lack of noise, recoil, weight etc. That said, this can be countered by modification, upgrades and weapon choice. My advice here would be to find a local site, have a go and chat to the regulars about thier guns. We are essentially a bunch of anoraks and revel in people fawning over our guns. In most cases we'll let you have a go too. This will be beneficial to you as you can try a variety of different weapon types and find out what arena they excel in. Tactically you may find milsim more "appealing" than the paintball type games of capture the flag, king of the castle etc. Again these game types do carry their own merit and are fun, fast paced experiences. The advice of getting your 3 games in and registering yourself as a skirmisher with UKARA (this is your defence for owning a Replica Imitation Firearm in accordance with the VCRA) is sound. Plus most sites (especially MilSim) don't allow two tone weapons as it detracts from the "realism" of the scenario. In the meantime I would suggest that you find yourself some good eyepro (I favour the mesh goggle type over ballistic glasses as nothing is likely to get in - although never say never), some variant of face protection (some sites won't let you play without a mask - I personally rock out with only eyepro, either a baseball cap/boonie and a scrimscarf) and a good, sturdy pair of boots (I have Hi-Tec Magnums which I love but there are many other good makes out there). That means minimum outlay and just hire cost which works out great if you decide you don't like the sport. Have a good read about on here and utilize the search function. There's a wealth of info here that money just can't by. Most of all, have fun. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Airsoft bro.
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