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  1. Haha. The way the front end fell out, you wouldn't believe lol. I've order an Action Aug outer barrel from America, it's 125 mm so I think it's a bit shorter than the standard one,
  2. My dad just mentioned his friend has a lathe, so that's what I'm gonna do, it'll make the outer barrel say 15mm shorter but it's not the end of the world.
  3. I've just heard that tokyo marui parts fit, still not helping me find one though. If anything I'd prefer a slightly shorter barrel,
  4. I'd rather get another outer barrel and do it properly if I could. I wouldn't even like to put a price on an outer barrel? Are classic army parts expensive?
  5. I'm gutted but I'm also a complete tit. My Classic Army Aug A1 came today which I bought from a member on this forum, I was stood in my back garden with the gun, barrel facing down, there's a button on the stock and I wasn't sure what it did, so I pushed it and the whole front end of the gun fell out the stock and smashed on the floor! Lol The only damage was the flash hider falling off, but it snapped off from the barrel, and I can't seem to find an outer barrel anywhere for sale, they still make the CA Aug so I'm assuming parts are available. The damage isn't massive it's just really frustrating and proving a mare to fix.
  6. Dan88


    I use my dads chrono which he uses to chrono his rifles, To be fair it's only 3-4 fps different to my local skirmish which is handy.
  7. Dan88


    I've not received the gun yet, but it's stated 300fps, ill chrono it when I get it and go from there.
  8. Dan88


    Might sound daft this, I understand you pay for what you get ect... But what sort of difference is there between madbull and prometheus?
  9. Nightmare. Shot in the hands is far worse than in the face in my opinion. I got shot 3 weeks ago from about 2 feet on the knuckle of my little finger with gloves on, I'm still struggling to bend it now, it's agony.
  10. Dan88


    Cheers guys, gonna order both. YOLO..... Lol
  11. How can you not wear gloves!!!!!? Haha
  12. Dan88


    I've got a classic army aug a1 on the way which I bought from a forum, it's set up too run 11.1 lipo for high rof. It's running 300fps on an m90 spring and stock barrel, I was gonna order a madbull 6.03 TBB and SHS m100 spring now, but I'm thinking that's gonna take me above 350? Out of the 2 what would you buy/try first? What's the most effective? Cheers
  13. I'm so impatient haha. I'd of probably already filed a complaint
  14. Excellent Do any of you no of a decent anti fog spray just to be on the safe side?
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