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  1. Think ill do the UKARA first so i don't have to have a two tone rifle LOL
  2. No ASG then that would be a great start to airsoft think ill stay away from them thanks two zero and thanks for the google key words zak just found one that's about 30 miles from me so not to far to go
  3. Ok cheers time to find a site in the north east and start playing then thanks again for help
  4. How do i go about getting UKARA registered i am over 18 and my budget for my rifle is around £150
  5. Hi guys i am new to airsoft and was wondering what was a good starter rifle for me i found a G36c on a website could anyone advise me if this is any good as a starter for me http://www.airsoftarmoury.co.uk/acatalog/ASG-SLV36-46.html
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