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  1. DEF

    Airsoft Cringe

    Does this mean I can claim PTSD 'cos my friend shot me in the arse last week? I mean it really stung, and I didn't cry or anything...
  2. Result! Even at TaiwanGun they're over £160.
  3. DEF

    Hot guns

    Right, that's settled it. I'm going nowhere near the "Barrel Size" thread...
  4. A(nother) Cyma AK from TaiwanGun. £61. I mean, come on...
  5. DEF

    Pistol help

    Another vote for the Desert Eagle (especially in chrome!) or else the MK23 if you're not too fussed about GBB. The MK23 is also ridiculously powerful and great value.
  6. DEF

    Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    I always understood O.N.O. to mean "or near offer". It's not an auction, you know...
  7. Great day at XSite Lane End yesterday. Lots of people commenting that their guns had better range and seemed more accurate than usual. Perhaps it was down to people taking their hits properly? Thanks everybody for a great day - look forward to doing it again really soon.

  8. DEF

    This helmet eye protection safe?

    :-D I always learned that "<" looks a bit like "L" which means "Less Than".
  9. DEF

    This helmet eye protection safe?

    >14 means greater than 14. Surely there must be a possibility of BB's coming under the visor? Doesn't look like a good idea to me.
  10. DEF

    M4 or G36c

    Which do you prefer the look of? Go for that one then.
  11. DEF

    Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    No point in sitting back if you're not contributing anything to the effort, firing BB's that are landing 5 or 6 metres short of the cover your opponent is sheltering behind...
  12. DEF

    Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    I have in the past threatened to shoot them myself. Refusing to fight, you see...
  13. Looking forward to breaking out the 'Nam gear for XSite tomorrow. Anybody else going?

    1. Esoterick


      Nearly, I'm doing the Outpost on sunday :)

  14. DEF

    Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    Players who find a piece of cover at the very edge of a firefight and refuse to make any further forward movement, despite the fact they can't even reach the target. As I wear a Yank loadout, I have a tendency to run up the middle regardless, shouting yee-haw as I go. At least it gets me out of the house.
  15. X-Site in Lane End (Buckinghamshire) run Saturday games.
  16. I seem to remember, when I first started playing, looking at the local-ish sites and found one in Maidenhead. I decided not to give it my patronage as on the website they had a full album of photos cataloguing (and laughing at) the various airsoft injuries people incurred. Looks like I might have been right to avoid them.
  17. DEF


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Top man, despite the best efforts of Royal Mail! Would be really happy to deal with him again.
  18. I wasn't able to make the opning day, but will probably be there for the next one. Any feedback from those that DID make it?
  19. DEF

    Buying from TaiwanGun

    Just reminded me of another reason to stay in the EU!
  20. DEF

    What are you driving?

    VW Touareg as my daily drive, but this for high days and holidays:
  21. I'm in the process of rounding up the troops so hopefully we'll be able to make it. I have that "new site" dilemma though - what loadout? May need to go shopping ;-)
  22. Videos and stuff here: https://www.facebook.com/badlandsairsoft/photos_stream?ref=page_internal
  23. Interesting. This is around 20 minutes away from me so I think I'll have to grace it with my presence.
  24. DEF

    Decent pistol to get me started

    I have 2 Mk 23's. I stupidly lost the suppressor from the first, so my cheapest option was to buy another full kit. Basically, my replacement suppressor came with a free pistol and a spare magazine. Used it in the cold last week, and one fill of gas emptied 2 magazines of 26 rounds each. Can't recommend it enough. And did I mention that it's massive?
  25. DEF

    gun advice

    And you can get them from Taiwangun (highly recommended) http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric-air-soft-guns/sort:price/direction:desc?pr=8&campaign-id=19&red=0 Enjoy!