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  1. Anybody going to The Mall on Thursday?

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    2. SeniorSpaz87


      They have a game on Easter Sunday? Hmm, might go to that one then. Otherwise ill be at the one on the 12

    3. DEF


      Good job Lozart! I'm there with 4 mates, and will look a bit odd with a SWAT loadout and an AKM (first chance I've had to use it!)

    4. Lozart


      I'll have a couple of buddies with me, one complete n00b and another old hand. I have a number guns to try out packed and ready to go so it'll be fun! You should be able to spot me - I have a tan WAS chest rig with a green and black AFUK patch front and centre! Gun wise I'll be with either a tan SCAR-L, a black M14 EBR, an MP5K or an AKS74U!

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