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  1. lockie

    UKARA charges by sites

  2. lockie

    Airsoft Imports - A Bad Experience, Sadly

    had a few run ins with this guy he used to go to SAWG and come to midwales airsoft selling on game days as we didnt have a shop to supply the esensials back then but when he told me he was selling seconds as new and i should consider doing the same as the mark up was great we kicked him off site. and set up midwales airsoft shop where im pleased to say we only buy from reputable wholesalers. though because we are only based 30 or so miles away from his rented house and shed showroom. we get a lot of people coming in with faulty guns to repair that he says are out of warrenty.
  3. lockie

    Midwales Airsoft

  4. lockie

    Midwales airsoft

  5. well i have recently had to replace a aluminium barrel on my ics SA80 due to wear on the opposite side to the hop rubber ill see if i can find a pic of it
  6. lockie

    Red Kite Airsoft check us out....

  7. lockie

    Airsoft Shack, North Wales

    been here last week and they were more than helpful. great lads if they didnt have it in stock then they would get it asap. ooo and now they have playstation and a nice cumfy sofa in the shop too good shop guys from the lads at midwales airsoft
  8. lockie

    Mid Wales Airsoft