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  1. This old bugger can remember when everyone played stock marui power and permission from all was needed when someone brought a gas M1 carbine that shot a closer to 1J. theres allways been that whinning about the youth. heck it was even directed at me for having a 168 moscart back in the day. now as one of the older players i view the whinning about such things ammusing, as it usually dies down, i get annoyed when it overlaps bigger issues, such as the fuss over the 40mike when we couldnt get the same fuss about the PCB. misdirected energies will be where it falls back to the OP. We've all done that cringy moment when first starting, being pridefull in your new hobbled together kit and posing in it is the teething stages for a lot of people who have just sudddently been dropped into this, and havent come across with some sort of professional BG. I know I have, but taken the lumps and moved on. When people wont let people move from that is where it irks me
  2. that moment when you have doubts over selling a prowin gearbox you never used anyway....

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