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  1. You had written your original post as if it was perfectly legal to buy a two-tone because you did not have a defence to enable you to buy a RIF, then to convert it to a RIF. Your only warning was against melting the ABS plastic. MY post was fully justified.
  2. You could have completed quoting me in which case my text would also have said that you can if you have a valid defence - I edited my post a good 30-40 minutes before you posted your reply so please do NOT misquote me.
  3. Actually it's illegal to modify a gun to make it look realistic, so painting a two tone (or removing the bright paint) to effectively make it a RIF is illegal (though temporarily modifying, and restoring - i.e. camo tape, is fine). (edit - I should add you can do so if you have a valid defence - i.e. active UKARA registration)
  4. dapprman

    Another new bfg

    Wonder if some sites will ban these, i.e. the ones that will not let you reload during a section/game - after all it's effectively a 6 shot grenade (if you pick it up and move on). Tempting though ....
  5. As Airsoft_MrB has said - might be worth going with rentals. While ti might look like ~£50 a day, by the time you've taken out cost for the day, free BBs and possible lunch, you're looking at only about £5-10, which after 3 sessions is not much more (if at all) than you'd pay for a two-tone service - also two-tones are also a lot harder to sell (though as a result you might find one in the for sale section for a song).
  6. dapprman

    Best bbs?

    Sorry, but got to call utter BS on that one. Also, as some one else has pointed out, all pellets can shatter on hitting mesh goggles. Should also be noted there seems to be far fewer reports of pellets splitting in the gun with blasters than the majority of other brands. Oh and their own description
  7. Also - GHK G5 magazines have an over-strong spring that takes time to wear in. I found my first load was between 16 and 24 rounds, but rapidly that increased to 32+. Don't force pellets in.
  8. dapprman

    Best bbs?

    Cost can depend on where abouts you are as some shops will do discount for bulk, though postage then can rise rapidly as well.
  9. Might be worth looking at Vector Optics (another low end real steel) - they do sell in the UK via Amazon - not sure if they do a T1 clone though.
  10. I run 0.30g normally, or 0.25 tracer for indoors.
  11. Depends on the mag - they vary. GHK say 5 seconds for the G5 mags, but I think ~7-8 is better. Having said that my WE HK 3PX4 pistol takes about 10-15 seconds and the 49 round mags I have for my KWA Magpul FPG take about 20 seconds.
  12. This is the Vector Optics I got - not tried it in the field yet, but I got it based on recommendations else where, plus it's built for recoil.
  13. Going to add one more thing about GBBRs - some have too powerful a recoil for standard airsoft optics. My GHK G5 has shaken apart two sights (one WE one Element) and one gun torch (ASG Sunfire clone). I'm now trialling a Vector Optics Aimpoint M2 clone (real steel).
  14. Coleman changed the bottle a while back (before I got my first GBBR). The newer bottles can't be refilled (unless you'll going to alter them). As to the question from another post of FPS propane v green gas - it's the same ...
  15. As TheGrover has said - airsoft targeted propane (i.e. green gas) not only has some silicon oil in it to lubricate the seals (though it can cause some gumming up of the hop rubber over time), but is also about as pure as you can get it. The commercially available propane (i.e. colemans) contains contaminants. Simple test you can try is clean your barrel, fire off 5-10 mags using green gas and re-clean - see how much dirt your cloth picks up. Repeat with propane, you'll note there's a lot more dirt removed from your barrel. Now if you're doing regular maintenance it will make no difference, but if you just leave your gun alone at the end of the day you'll get reduced performance much more quickly than when using airsoft specific gas.
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