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  1. Not even 2 full months into the year and the ban hammer struck its first victim this weekend at our site.

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    2. Druid799


      Me personally (and it is just my opinion) but I’d say immaterial wether he pulled the trigger or not the minute he made the conscious decision to point an active Airsoft gun at someone’s face he’s given up any right he had for attending an Airsoft field . I wouldn’t want him any where near me , my sons , my friends or anyone else , just too much of a safety risk .

    3. clumpyedge


      @Robert James attempted to

      pull the trigger but his mate batted the gun away fraction of a second before from what I saw.

      Exactly @Druid799 the RIF was loaded and the selector was on fire so regardless of hitting the guy, the gun was point blank give or take an inch

    4. Robert James

      Robert James

      Ah fair enough. If it was on safe, I'd maybe say a little harsh, plus he pulled the trigger or at least attempted to. If my mate decided to put the gun to my head, on safe I'd maybe laugh and say don't just incase, but on fire mode plus actually pulling the trigger, they wouldn't be getting in my car for a lift home

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