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  1. Hey man did you upgrade any of the internals in your krytac? 

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    2. PT247


      Do you shoot in auto or semi? I very rarely use auto as that will give you variance in fps and accuracy. In Semi, I can hit a head sized target at 50m once I have worked out the compensation for wind probs 8 out of 10 shots (in a low wind day) using 0.28g BBs (@335fps on 0.2g or @288fps on 0.28g BBs)

    3. PT247


      check out the Krytac facebook group, there is a thread on there about which mags work in the Mk1s and another about mags for the Mk2s

    4. victim


      I mostly use semi, tho i did find myself switching to full auto every now and then. 


      I did this at the weekend there, its about 24mt then lenght of my garden, the outter circle is a 750ml paint tin and the inner was a pepper shaker. Once i zeroed the t1 and got the hop right about my last 20 shots were in the circle