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  1. Dan has always been pretty awesome on sorting me out with issues voth through his store and at random sites where I have met up with him and he has helped with issues not just with the SRS I got through his shop, but also my VSR.

  2. The main issue I have had with DogTag is the sheer numbers of people going. You can't fault a site for being successful, but it is frustrating when there isn't enough trees to go around. I've not played there (or anywhere else for that matter) for months, too many geardos, kit snobbery and folk taking the game far too seriously in the airsoft community as a whole, kinda puts me off playing at even the sites I love (DogTag, Battlelakes).

  3. It is fun planning an assault on some of the NPC bases on SCUM, you have to be sneakier as there is no way I've seen to destroy the NPC robots that I've found so far and they sting quite a lot when they target you! :D

  4. ok so you'd be happy someone shooting you with a 16j air rifle? :D I think not.
    If you are not going to use it for airsoft, why not just get an air rifle? and "lethality" is not "fatal", different meanings especially in law! 🙂 

    Back on topic (soz)
    I ran a Krytac with an M150 spring, 11.1v LiPo and the USA spec Krytac motor (UK is 20k, USA is 30k) and a Orga WBB, it shot at roughly 345fps, the gun ran, but it would have eaten itself if I kept it that way.

  5. I'd be ok with being shot once by a bolt action at that fps that was shooting outside of it's minimum engagement distance, but I'd be proper miffed at anyone who thought it ok to fire a 25rps gun full auto into me at that energy level at any range!

  6. Have you looked at the rules regarding airsoft in the UK at all?

    Single action rifles (like sniper rifles) are allowed upto 2.5j legally before it is classed as an air rifle, most sites however only allow upto 2.32j
    AEGs are only allowed upto 1.3j legally before they are classed as a FIREARM although most sites only allow upto 1.14j

    Converting an AEG to a firearm is a serious offence and carries a mandatory sentence of 5yrs iirc

  7. An M150 would make the gun illegal in the UK, not just hot, but ILLEGAL.... don't do it!
    You will be fine on the standard motor with an 11.1v, no point changing it. Mine shot at around 330fps out the box and with hop added the fps went up slightly. 
    Don't worry about mods until you have tried the standard gun.... they really need very little doing to them.

  8. Hi all, 
    I know I don't post anywhere near as much as I used to on here, but I do lurk a lot. I hope you have all had an awesome 2018, I have. The reason I've been less involved on the airsofting is because I've been out on my bikes more, the below vid is some of the adventures I've had this year, it has been amazing. To say thanks to those that have supported my channel over the year I am running a giveaway of a free drone, info in the vid! 🙂




  9. 1 hour ago, E21A said:

    Are GBB and VSR barrels the same? I.e will a GBB barrel fit in a gun currently using a VSR barrel? 

    sometimes. VSR barrels depend on your hop setup, some are bridged, some are non bridged. Most GBB barrels are non bridged. The TM Mk23 has a different cut to it than a VSR style too (I know that is a NBB but just for info)

  10. Surely these questions need to be asked so that google search brings up recent articles, just because 5 years ago the RM4 was the dogs danglies, it isn't now. Current opinions are what keeps forums going, if you don't want folk to annoy with questions you have previously done, don't look at their posts, just walk on past them and click on the ones that do interest you.
    A forum is not a forum if it has no interaction, it is a database of old thoughts.

  11. I've been running my Krytac PDW on 11.1v LiPos with the 20k motor for over 2 years, best AEG I've ever had. I even fitted it with the 30k motor and 11.1v LiPos for around 6 months with no real issues, but it was more picky on mags so went back to the 20k motor 🙂

  12. 34 minutes ago, Rogerborg said:


     airgun sellers not giving two figs about jumping through any VCRA hoops, even though they're selling things that look identical to airsoft RIFs, but which shoot harder things at higher energies.

    Again, I think you are not getting the point.... you are getting your knickers in a twist about a firearm looking like an imitation firearm, your brain is on backwards today mate! :D

  13. Jeez.... it isn't deactivated, therefore it is a firearm. It is an air rifle, therefore it is a firearm.... converting it to something different will change what it is, but then it becomes not what it is now, it becomes what it is converted to. What matters is that upping the power of an airsoft RIF is manufacturing a firearm. At the point it has the muzzle energy to be classed as a firearm it is no longer a RIF.

  14. 1 hour ago, Rogerborg said:


    your post

    An air rifle is a firearm, therefore it isn't an imitation firearm, it might well look like a different firearm to what  it actually is, but it is still a firearm. I think you are confusing imitation for replica, that gun in your link is a replica of an MP5, but it is still a firearm, we are not talking quantum physics here, it is not Schrodinger's cat, it is a firearm, not an imitation.

    "Manufacturing" a firearm, which is what you would basically be doing by converting an airsoft RIF into an airgun, is quite naughty, def keep it within the walls of your house if you do do it.

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