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  1. I have got to the point with airsoft where I replace stuff when it breaks. Fortunately, I have a fully upgraded VSR and SRS as well as a Krytac PDW with the only mod required (Prommy barrel). I just keep them running. I used to be obsessed with tweeking all I could out of AEGs etc, I found that you get to a point where you start to believe things work better coz you have "upgraded" parts..... very rarely against a target at a fixed range would that actually be proven! 🙂

  2. the hop on it out the box is like a laser. seriously, if you must mod it, put in a PDI 6.05mm barrel and change the spring to get you as close to 1fps shy of your sites limit. Don't change what ain't broke!

  3. 4 hours ago, L3wisD said:

    The pain game! Yes!! :D


    The AFUK pain game from April 2017 was fantastic.


    @PT247 was on the box and getting shot in the knees, shins, knuckles, belly, toes all from me stood 5ft away in a shop front.


    I felt terrible!


    One of the Marshalls come up to me afterwards and I thought I was in for a telling off, instead I got:


    "Mate, you're fucking evil" *High five* 


    Poor PT.. 




    Hahaha, that was bloomin painful but sooooo funny! :D Proper fun cluster of a game! :D

  4. 3 minutes ago, MisterG said:

    I can hit a man sized target at 35-40m with my Evo.  What range do you get with that?


    Will see if I can get anywhere near that with my glock on the weeked,  😉





    Using 0.43g BBs it has almost the range of my Silverback SRS

  5. I'd save for longer and in the meantime rent until you can apply for your UKARA. If you save a bit more you could get a TM VSR GSPEC. It will only have around 315fps so you won't need to worry about MEDs to start with. Once you are bored of playing with it at 315fps you can throw money at it to get it reaching out a bit further and more accurately. £200 is not a feasible budget for a very good bolt action rifle when the objective is accuracy and range.

  6. 1 hour ago, Adolf Hamster said:

    should the front of a vsr10 bolt have a pair of vent holes besides the hole through the nozzle?


    seems to me it shouldnt, and the woeful lack of firing seems to agree

    Where are the holes? on the side of the cylinder or the face of the nozzle?



  7. 1 hour ago, CKinnerley said:

    Gotta be honest I think there's a ton of snake oil in most tinted lenses, certainly in promotional material for them.  You wanna see gear that works?  Look at international shooting competitors; 3-gun, Olympics, global military shooting competitions, heck special forces in theatre.  What I see them all wearing is clear lenses or shades... that's it in the vast majority of cases.  These are people who know infinitely more about these things than any of us and have the money and experience to buy and try every single option on the market then use all those options extensively.


    If something works for you then use it, fire away, I'll never tell you not to. But personally I go clear if I'll be in the dark and regular darkened lenses for bright days, nothing more to it and most eye pro comes with both.

    100% agree, all I have found with other colours is things look more yellow or darker. If I could get some faster response polarised lenses than I have then I would be inclined to use them more, but the ones I have are a little slow to transition in woodland