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  1. PT247

    Best mAh LiPo for 6 hour games

    how many BBs are you going to shoot and 7.4v or 11.1v?
  2. PT247

    Starting a club in this sport?

    good luck with it :-)
  3. PT247

    Starting a club in this sport?

    I've also just noticed that the website you linked is a forum, am sure that goes against the AFUK rules posting that on here without admin/mod permission but maybe wrong? As for feedback on the website, it states it is for southern airsofters but you have already said you only have one site you can use, so possibly best to reword that to show it is only really so you can get some folk to that one site on private game days (assuming they offer private gamedays?)
  4. PT247

    Starting a club in this sport?

    I get what you are saying, would suggest creating a Facebook group then in that instance as most folk use fb and it is easy to set up events etc and get the word out about the group! :-)
  5. PT247

    Starting a club in this sport?

    I currently get 2 sundays off a month and can play at Dogtag on one and Battle Lakes on the other so I would not have any need to arrange private games. This forum occasionally runs a private game which is quite successful, they do them at The Mall normally. Far better I imagine to try and organise things on here than via a different website that no one currently knows about surely?
  6. PT247

    Show me your sniper loadout

    pockets, they are free, don't get in the way and will "perfectly" match your chosen camo! ;-)
  7. PT247

    Starting a club in this sport?

    a lot of sites will run private games, but getting enough folk together to make it viable would be a PITA
  8. PT247


    I was very tempted with getting a Harley for a bit, glad I chose to customise my Moto Guzzi instead. Cruisers are a good choice of bike if you are happy to bimble... not that they don't go fast, just that they are a different ride. I like upright bikes, can't get on with sportsbikes for anything other than track riding.
  9. PT247


    Oh good luck with the test. What bike you looking at getting?
  10. PT247

    Vsr tech

    where are you and what is your budget?
  11. PT247


    That isn't a UK site, but yes, they can ask for it but can't seize your property without cause so they would have had to have seen you breaking the law in the first place so you would already be screwed!
  12. This is my video review from the opening game at Storm Tactical. I will do a follow up review once they have had a chance to find their feet and iron out some bugs.
  13. Yeah, I ran out of BBs, is why my gameplay ended as had nothing left lol
  14. PT247


    haha, you know they can't take your footage without a search warrant I don't think!
  15. PT247

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Can I suggest, if you gun mount the camera, please always mount it above the barrel unless no other option as it will look weird to viewers being below the BB
  16. Anyone into motovlogs? 


  17. I'll try putting up a post next time I head to Dogtag if I remember :-)
  18. PT247

    First Gun Query

    I've generally found dropleg holsters to be a pain, if running a battlebelt then just stick a holster on that. :-)
  19. Haha, it was such a good position, the fencing was frustrating again as although it often shows in the video it is magnified 7 x but in reality it often was invisible to the eye. I really enjoyed this game and the trenches area was nicely laid out. I don't think I'd want to have attacked it though!
  20. It isn't their fault, it was the leaseholders who they were subletting off.
  21. PT247

    First Gun Query

    Oh dear god, this is why I stick to woodland games!