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  1. This is from last weekend. Played a night game last night, no phots from that tho.
  2. Had to replace my red dot sight as it took a hit to the lens and smashed it. Went for the same Swiss Arms sight as I had before. Have now got a lens guard to protect it and a decent quick release sling that works as 2 point or single point. Also purchased an angled foregrip too :-)
  3. Took a demo on the new KTM 390 Duke yesterday. ... fantastic lil bike. Think I'm gonna trade in the 636 for one :-)
  4. Dual use bikes are lots of fun, good to see you enjoying ya bike :-)
  5. Just realised I'd already posted this vid so deleted the post
  6. hey Mark. didn't realise you were on here :-)
  7. the new can looks loads better than the standard one mate :-) Am cutting down my fleet of bikes, Sold the XS400 a couple of weeks back, the 636 will be up for sale soon once I have given it a valet. Have booked a test ride on the new KTM 390 Duke for tomoz, looking forward to seeing how it rides, would make an ace Motogymkhana bike hopefully! :-) Was looking at the new Moto Guzzi colour schemes while at work last night, the silver version of my V7 looks awesome:
  8. I used to save £2 coins as well, it is amazing how many you get the moment you start saving them! I used mine as my bike trackday fund, paid for over 3 trackdays in under a year when I was saving them :-)
  9. kit record book and S10, get to keep the rest. The S10 was beyond it's expiry date so no use to anyone,
  10. I had to give mine back when I left the RN back in May
  11. just watched the vid.... that really surprised me. :-)
  12. haha, I wasn't suggesting they would stop a 5.56mm round.... I doubt shooting glasses would either tho. But we don't fire real ammunition at them in airsoft. Not meaning to be argumentative btw, was just curiosity as to why they wern't suitable for airsoft :-)
  13. what is wrong with the std lenses on the S10? We wear them firing real guns so surely they are decent protection still?
  14. you'll want to put some venting in it, S10s are horrid sweaty things even stationary, let alone running about!
  15. Am just piecing together a winter load out (yes I realise it is summer still), going Luke Skywalker Hoth stylee, have ordered pretty much everything I need for it, will probs have to make some minor changes to get the look right. Think I'll leave the Tauntaun in the stable tho!
  16. getting ready to go out: out in the woods: Had a cracking game this weekend and my new gun is flipping fantastic!
  17. My new toy.... Umerax Elite Force M4 Mini Patriot, skirmishing it the first time on Sunday and have high hopes for it's performance :-)
  18. that is almost spot on the look I want.... will have an investigate, and maybe leave it on for longer before rinsing or somit! :-)
  19. Umarex Elite Force M4 Mini Patriot Blow Back Airsoft Gun (Metal Body) I am contemplating getting an identical DPM set up to my current and dyeing it darker as well for night time woodland games, has anyone had any experience with clothes dye?
  20. wanted to do it with guns... think it would be more fun to both have a pistol with one in the chamber than hit each other with sticks head on at speed! ;-) (used to do LARPing so know about the various things they have)
  21. XS400 RXS100 V7 ZX636R Streetfighter Husky KTM200 KTM30 GSXR Speedtriple These are a few vids of some of the stuff we have gotten up to on the 125hundreds, we also want to try motorbike airsoft jousting once we can work out a [comparitively safe way to do it: Motogymkhana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t5_jx-w30I Did You Spill My Pint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq-Vmr_OAGo Green Laning This was me on my Husky going round Brands Hatch Indy circuit, keeping up with 1000cc sportsbikes on a bike with half the cc! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNYGoT8YSSg and the last trackday I did which was on the 636 at Brands Hatch GP circuit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8JsivbUBXs
  22. Just got myself a Toyota GT86, cracking lil car totally loving it although the fuel consumption is a bit higher than I'm used to.... my previous was a Ford Transit diesel! Had quite a few vans including an ambulance! The last car I owned was an MG ZS180, cracking v6 engine! :-)
  23. Can't post pics at the mo coz on works puter and it won't let me access my photobucket. Current bikes: 2013 Kawasaki ZX636R ABS 2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone 1981 Yamaha XS400 converted to street/flat tracker 1990 (iirc) Yamaha RXS100 hevily modified and tuned with ported YZ head/barrel, RD350 custom exhaust, RD125 carb/conrod. Am gonna be selling the Kawasaki soon as just not riding it enough to having it sit around, fantastic bike tho and is the best sportsbike I have ever owned. Selling the XS400 too as again it just doesn't get used enough. The Guzzi (Lord Vader) is a keeper, such a fun bike to ride. Took it round Europe; France/Switzerland/Italy/Spain in May, awesome trip. The RXS is a silly little toy, myself and a bunch of mates came up with a "race" series called The 125hundreds, which is on facebook. £500 budget, 125cc max and must be fully road legal with MoT and tax all within budget. We have gone green laning, taken part in Motogymkhana and runs to the BSB on them. We really want to find a locked field we can get permission to use to run a few more events including night enduro and offroad motogymkhana, but the main event we want to try is called Shot-Glass Speedway; drink a shot, out lap, fast lap, in lap, drink a shot and repeat until only one bike/rider is still going round! I'll post some pics and vids up if folk are interested? :-) Previous bikes I've owned: Ducati 1098 Streetfighter S (lovely to look at and bonkers engine but god awful to actually ride) Husqvarna SM510R supermoto (bloody amazing bike, a true allmost allrounder with compromises: could green lane it one day, road ride the next and do a trackday the next without any changes except to tyre pressures.... touring was harder as it only had a 8l tank and a brick for a seat but didn't stop me I just strapped a 5l jerry can to the back!) KTM200 EXC (best bike I have ever owned, was robbed from me with just 10hrs on the engine. So much fun off road) KTM250F EXC (didn't get on with it) KTM 300 EXC 2 stroke converted to supermoto (silly silly silly) KTM SM640 supermoto (heavy and slow) Suzuki GSXR 750 (lovely bike but the 636 is far better) Triumph 1050 Speedtriple (was the best road bike I've ridden) Honda CBR 600 Ducati 750 Monster Honda VFR400 NC24 Kawasaki KMX200 Yamaha RD125LC Kawasaki AR125 Honda CB100N Honda MT5 poss had a few others too. Been riding since I was 16, am 38 now.
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