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  1. PT247


    notifications, not emails. 🙂
  2. What is the question, not what is the website?
  3. PT247


    Am not getting emails, have turned all those off, but getting an in forum notification 🙂
  4. PT247


    still getting them
  5. PT247


    I already have, still keep getting notifications
  6. I seem to be being notified about new posts, I have notifications turned off, can someone fix it please? 🙂
  7. shorter the launcher the better with TAG rounds, ideally no longer than the shells themselves!
  8. I think a BB would shatter them on the GoPro Max, they are not strong. The Venture Case is a lot tougher than any of the others, so yes more money, but also stronger, so may survive a BB hit from a sniper. I don't know how well the One R lens protectors would hold up, but def stronger to loof at than the GoPro Max versions.
  9. I use 360 cameras on my motorbikes. The GoPro Max lens covers scratch easy, I also doubt they would survive being hit. The Insta360 One R has lens protectors you can buy that look a little tougher and the One X has a "Venture" case you can put it in.
  10. also, has he tried switching to full auto, it may be stuck in semi on the anti reverse latch, Krytac used to have an issue where semi would lock up
  11. Go through X-Fire,and what length are you ordering?
  12. I think you may have got your conversion wrong, they do a 509mm barrel for YEN3,353 which is just £23.50
  13. You can buy PDI barrels in any length you require IIRC
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