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  1. PT247

    GLOCK Micro RONI for WE G17/18

    Time Left: 6 days and 9 hours

    • For sale
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    If you have upgraded your pistol to shoot over range, you need a stock to steady your aim, this allows you to fit a sight and put the pistol to your shoulder creating a stable firing platform. It also comes with a tactical light. This is a link to the item: http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p35602/CAA-Micro-RONI-Pistol-Carbine-Kit-For-G17,-18,-22,-31-GBB-Pistol/product_info.html This kit will steady your aim and get your WE pistol shooting as straight as it is able with the internal upgrades you have fitted! 🙂 Pistol and magazines NOT included. Fits WE G17/WE G18


  2. PT247

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    strongest you can find
  3. PT247

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    some of the TAG rounds will do that, but not many sites allow TAG rounds unfortunately!
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi, I am selling my SRS with 4 mags and FAST hop, it is an awesome RIF, I just don't use it as much as I'd hoped I would. It is however missing the left hand side safety switch, but the right hand side switch is still there and fully functional. I've seen folk selling these for more than they cost new which is odd, so I am not doing that. The RIF comes in the original box and the price includes postage and PayPal fees. It shoots at 2j and the bolt pull is shaweeeet, super smooth. It is the pull bolt version, not the odd push bolt.


  5. PT247

    Sniper rifle recommendation

    Go VSR, far better starter rifle. Although an AEG is 99% of the time a better option for new players.
  6. PT247

    What are you driving?

    And another... the favorite of my current bikes 🙂
  7. PT247

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    I know APS don't fit without a Dremel on a KWA RM4
  8. PT247


    it is relevant and on topic, the poster used the search function of the forum, necro is BS
  9. PT247

    PDR-C upgrades

    I have got to the point with airsoft where I replace stuff when it breaks. Fortunately, I have a fully upgraded VSR and SRS as well as a Krytac PDW with the only mod required (Prommy barrel). I just keep them running. I used to be obsessed with tweeking all I could out of AEGs etc, I found that you get to a point where you start to believe things work better coz you have "upgraded" parts..... very rarely against a target at a fixed range would that actually be proven! 🙂
  10. PT247

    PDR-C upgrades

    the hop on it out the box is like a laser. seriously, if you must mod it, put in a PDI 6.05mm barrel and change the spring to get you as close to 1fps shy of your sites limit. Don't change what ain't broke!
  11. PT247

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Hahaha, that was bloomin painful but sooooo funny! Proper fun cluster of a game!
  12. PT247

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Hi, I am unable to go to this one, soz.
  13. PT247

    Gun picture thread

    you are getting quite a collection now mate!
  14. Micro RONI with my upgraded WE G17 were bloomin awesome at Battle Lakes today, just wish I had more mags!

    1. Duff


      Aren't WE and TM mags cross-compatible?

    2. PT247


      TM mags are shit, I like the plastic mags 🙂