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  1. PT247

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    testing it is still the same process, shoot it, adjust it, shoot it, adjust it, simples! :-)
  2. PT247

    How to check upgrades

    grab yourself an Action Army hop chamber, should fix everything! :-)
  3. PT247

    How to check upgrades

    I don't think that is a PDI barrel, I may be mistaken, but they don't do a 6.02mm barrel
  4. PT247

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    hop and bucking "generally" will have very little effect on fps although from off to set will have a variance. Improving your airseal around the bucking (with PTFE tape) can give you a boost and will help with consistency too. Get a good air seal and see what it puts out then. If you still want higher fps you can run a tighter bore barrel or put in a stiffer spring. I'd not suggest going tighter than 6.03mm though. For DMR rules, they are site specific, you need to ask where you play. Where I play you need to have I believe a one second delay between shots, this can be controlled with a burst wizard mosfet. You will never need to double tap someone, one BB counts as a kill, if you miss then you need to work on your accuracy as that is the point of the DMR/Sniper rifle roles. Personally the DMR doesn't have enough of an advantage over an AEG to be worth the MED or loss of burst fire and the delay between shots means you may as well go for a sniper rifle and have higher fps limits.
  5. PT247

    How to check upgrades

    if it is a year old then def change it, even if it wasn't covered in crap it'll be worn and tired.
  6. PT247

    How to check upgrades

    it looks a bit manky, but it is the inside of it that counts
  7. PT247

    How to check upgrades

  8. PT247

    Gun picture thread

    Odd, toy guns can look how they like!
  9. ahh fair enough, I guess horses for courses, I thought it to be an awesome layout once you get your head around the map. I love the freedom to roam and flank folk so it surprises me that you didn't gel with the map.
  10. was this Battle Lakes or Apocalypse? (Just so it doesn't put people off the wrong site!)
  11. PT247

    TM MK23 What have you done to yours?

    TM Mk23 mags have an over pressure relief valve which means they vent on the higher power gasses. Just buy ASG mags and you'll be fine with all gasses, they are cheaper and easier to buy too!
  12. PT247

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    They are just VSR cut barrels aren't they? a VSR10 G-Spec barrel will be 11.8"
  13. Battle Lakes is an awesome site, the players play well and fair, the marshalls always act on reports given to them. Generally those that play there are of a higher caliber than a lot of the other sites I've played at. I hope folk realise that this was an out of the ordinary situation? :-)
  14. PT247

    Sales template

    You seem to all be assuming that Jedi wants admin roles lol
  15. PT247

    Sales template

    I guess actually having location if collection is offered would be an idea, I just think on a national forum, folk should just go with the delivery option.