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  1. Don't know of any, but the G17 is really easy to use lefthanded, I'm a lefty too and can easily operate all the functions lefthandedly!
  2. It looks to have a BB release on the Pro version. It also doesn't have the LEDs to charge up glow in the dark BBs
  3. Why does anyone want their phone on an airsoft field?
  4. they are separate parts for a reason
  5. I assume you are resetting it after firing it?
  6. If it fits in a buffer tube it'll be right, just ask the shop what will fit entirely in a buffertube
  7. So folks said they were interested in seeing what kit I was selling. This video is pretty long so I have added time stamps to each group, You can see the time stamps in the vid description on YouTube: 


    1. PT247


      I'll put a proper ad up for the VSR and Micro Roni at some point soon. Drop me a pm if interested in any of this.

    2. L3wisD


      Oooooh, can I get first dibs on the PDR-C short mags @PT247?


    3. PT247


      of course mate, drop me a pm with an offer, not after much, but P&P will be on top

  8. This isn't a sales pitch but, I'm considering selling all the stuff I have accumulated over the years, guns and kit, including TAG shells etc. I want to keep an AEG so I can still play in the future, but right now, I am pretty much done. If folk are interested in me listing stuff, please let me know & I'll create a proper post for the bits worth money.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Albiscuit


      Yeah I would be tempted to take a receiver or some random bits, as I want to learn to build some of my own stuff. Happy like @L3wisD to cover costs and drop some beer tokens as a gesture!


      i know it must be a pain looking at it all wondering what/how to list it all!

    3. PT247


      The bits I've not listed are mullered, else I'd have rebuilt them.

    4. StayOnTarget


      I seen people bidding on ebay for cracked receivers,if you can be arsed take some pics and let folk decide,you may score a few shekels at least then you can bin what no one wants,,,just saying 😉 

  9. Dan has always been pretty awesome on sorting me out with issues voth through his store and at random sites where I have met up with him and he has helped with issues not just with the SRS I got through his shop, but also my VSR.
  10. I hope to get back into it. Am wanting to get shot of my VSR, is fun having something that hits what you point it at, but it takes away some of the fun if your gun stops the opposition from getting close. Gonna keep the Krytac though as it is a nice AEG that shoots pretty well even if it is a bit down on fps.
  11. The main issue I have had with DogTag is the sheer numbers of people going. You can't fault a site for being successful, but it is frustrating when there isn't enough trees to go around. I've not played there (or anywhere else for that matter) for months, too many geardos, kit snobbery and folk taking the game far too seriously in the airsoft community as a whole, kinda puts me off playing at even the sites I love (DogTag, Battlelakes).
  12. Can't see your post as it requires me to register. Why not post your thoughts on this forum rather than linking people away from here?
  13. just push down on the clip and slide, never had any issues with these.... also, if you have these fitted, why not just remove the rails as they not being used?
  14. I was a little disappointed with the build quality of the Ten Speed kit, mine fell apart! 😞
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