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  1. Been there, done that, got the badge! Sat doing the same, youtube on the laptop. Step by step guide. Viewed it, did a bit, viewed some more, paused, did a bit. Then picked the pile of pieces up and took it to a mates house for him to fix! Doh. Must admit though, I have the attention span ........................Oh look a squirrel!! It does get easier after the first 5 or 6 tries!! If you have any AEG's left that is!
  2. Im ex military, did 22 years with one of the finest infantry Regiments in the world. I just love sitting back and watching everyone having a bloody good time! Its always suprising to see how much tactical awareness people have. Do your own thing, enjoy life to the full. Nilus Illigitimus Carberandum (Dont let the bastards grind you down!). FIX BAYONETS AND CHARGE!!!.......then re-spawn. Then learn from it and do it all over again and again and again!!
  3. Before: Exited. Cant wait to get to site and catch up with everyone. See what the day brings and prepare for it. During: Amazed at the sheer proffesionalism of (nearly) every one. Amazed that I can still run around and laugh as if nobody is watching me! Amazed that I got shot in the Arrsse by someone wearing full camo and a Gimp Mask (refer to laughing above). Wont live that down on site for a long, long time!!! After: Tired; But elated. Sort kit out. Sort Self out. Sort scoff out. Listen to the girlfriend tell me about her day confined to barracks (not allowed out unaccompanied, because she scares the kids). Switch off and relax. Spent Saturday afternoon going through my 'gun' and kit bag to try and cut down on the amount of kit I takeout and ended up adding more!
  4. 56 and still running around like a ferret!! Kids are the future of the game and we should nuture them, treat them as equals (dare I say as 'grown ups'?). I would just like to see more interaction between the little buggers and the older players in the Safe Zones. Pass your knowledge on, we all had to start somewhere. If I see a young player struggling loading bbs into a hi-cap magazine, usually one at a time, then I do go over and show them the quicker way with the plastic bottle. Have even offered my spare M4 to a bin lid when his own has packed in. Bring them on, the more the merrier!
  5. Played at Airsoft Plantation on Sunday. Ist time have used the site and had an excellent day. Then it rained and rained and rained and rained some more!!
  6. Definetly No. But, can be used as an effective defence in CQB. Was at Billericay in the Green Zone and just bouncing bbs off the entrance wall every second or so, on single shot. Kept ten of the opposing team out for ages.
  7. JCog84, Just checked the calendar for Skirmish Airsoft Billericay. They have a Pro/Am day on Sunday 20th.
  8. Bigshep, totally agree. Taking it back to them on Friday as still under warranty. Means yet another weekend without it. Not a happy bunny, but what can you do? Poured to much money into it to abandon.
  9. More disappointment FFS!!! Out yesterday (Sunday) just walked to the start point (defend the bunker). Fired off a couple of warmers into the bank. Now remember this is a DMR. Supplier locked it into single shot only, no auto as per the rules. Knelt down, fired off another round and the thing went into full auto! Quickly aimed it away from the advancing troops, frantically trying to switch back into 'safe' mode only for the safety catch to do a 360% turn around!! Had to walk off through the advancing, bemused, enemy with the magazine removed and the gun still firing until the battery ran down and out! Teddy is definately going in the corner this time with all of his/her apendages removed!!!
  10. Hi BD, You up for the Skirmish Cup at Billericay on July 5th? Promises to be a good weekend. If you are, look out for me, I'm the old bugger with the Echo Troop patch on his vest and the DVD beard (thats Dick Van Dyke for you who are...........young). I think we came third last year.
  11. Took it to Dragons Lair on Sunday just gone. One of the guys from the supplier helped me with the hop up and zeroing in. Still has a few teething problems. When I load a mag (all Magpul Pmags now!!) and start shooting, the first 5 or 6 BBs go out to 20 ft, 30ft, 40 ft then it starts to reach out and touch, Babe! (sorry, couldnt resist that!). One of the guys on their Facebook page actually stated that 'the range on it was awesome'. I must admit I had a good day and was hitting 75% of what I was aiming at. Guess I just have to put a lot more 'rounds' down range to shoot it in?
  12. Is there such a thing? I know from personal experience (when I was that FNG) how frustrating it can be to turn up at a site, ready for a good days skirmishing only to chrono and find that you exceed the site limits. No shoot, go home dejected. Unless some kind person has a 'spare' you can use. I suppose the easy answer would be to check before you arrive on site. BUT, what if I want to go shoot at, for instance The Mall, Reading were I believe the site limit is 320 fps and my normal site is 350 fps? Obviously my AEG would be set for the higher fps, so how easy is it to down/up change the fps? Lets say with an M4 as they seem to be the most common one out there. And because I am only a poor Essex boy, I can only afford the one AEG! What spares would I need to carry etc.
  13. If anyone else is after these, the supplier I used has a small stock of the Dark Earth colour mags. Good fast service, I ordered on Monday and they arrived today.
  14. Hi Moose87, Lets put it this way. I have a Cyma MP5 SD6 that is out ranging the SR25. Have taken it out just to test fire and still not impressed. Starts of with the bb (.25s) going about 30' the next one will go 35' then 40ish and so on. Its almost like its warming up (which I suppose it could be?). Going to Dragons Lair on Sunday, so will take it out again to see whats what. The shop I bought it from are there as well so I can get them to come and 'witness' and see where we go from there.
  15. Hi Airsoft-Ed, Thank you very much for the offer. After some, actually a lot, of time searching the Interweb, found a supplier who had 3 in stock. They arrived this morning.
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