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  1. Are you sure the first sear fit? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pdi-reinforced-1st-sear-for-marui-vsr-10-1.html She seems not be the same no?
  2. Hi guys!! I want to know is one reinforced 2nd exist for the aw338 ares spring? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pdi-reinforced-2nd-sear-for-marui-vsr-10-1.html Is this sear compatible? Thank you a lot !
  3. Oh sorry for this mistake! And me I wish speak english like you! English work everywhere and French only in.. French. I use translator for words I don't know and It doesn't work all times x). So I will try to swapping my hop up ! Ok, I will keep you informed of my swapping, and you keep me informed to your !
  4. Okay, thanks! So I will try to traffic my hop up. If I've understand, the hop up nub serves to put down the rubber. So y can try to put something which do that in my hop up. I use 0,36BB I find they are really good. I hope it will work. I was just shocked because I have read the original hop up is really good and mine don't work well.. For the spring guide stopper, I think both match. If you buy it, i will be interessed to know if it works. On the third link, it seems really good quality.
  5. Thanks for my english but don't hesitate to correct me! Thanks for your answer and grant me a few of your time. I'm sorry but I haven't understand all your "hop up" part. Your hop up work well, why my is bad? Can I do something? For the Barrel PDI you can find it on X-fire if you want, and the ares upgrade kit is on the Ares website. I have send an email to the support and they say that I can buy the kit for about 80 euro and it's look really good quality. So I will when my money will be ok.. I've already open my rifle but I don't reconized what is the spring guide stopper. But with 500 fps you say it will break, do you know if we can consolidate it? Or change it? Thanks again for your help, I felt so alone before!
  6. I'm sorry I forgot something, I want to be 500/550 fps, but i'm afraid to burst my sear... Do you have idea?
  7. Hi guys, I'm french and I try to speak english. Only try. I've bought this rifle too because all forums say that it's really great. I have no mag problem, I don't put any upgrade yet but I think I've a hop up problem. I've increased the hop up to the max and my BB go down really quickly. (nerly 40m/132foot with hop up max!). Is it normal? What upgrades can i do to have a great sniper? I was thinking to put a 6.01 barrel PDI and the Ares cylinder/piston/spring upgrade kit. Good idea? And what else? Thanks for answer !
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