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  1. could probably do more damage hitting them with the gun itself
  2. my src sr4 r.i.s, was shooting it happily and everthing was functioning well then it just simpily wouldnt function , i left it to the site i bought the gun off and they said it would most likely be just a fuse or a loose connection. the site rang me back a few days ago to tell me the full firing mechinism was broke. having the gun for about 4 mounths now my dad asked if the warrenty covers it but the guy said no , he says it's had a few-to-many knocks. this was the bad thing cause im always careful with my gun (well i thought i was) and ive only used it about 6 times now and have never ever dropped it. gonna get it fixed but the site owner said it will be about 60ish for parts and 20ish for labour
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