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  1. Some airsoft guns. This picture has be taken at a normal game with my team, as you can see, it have lot of M4
  2. Ok, in France it is rather uncommon to see a L85/86 at a game. The only ones I could see, was in stores. It is the same for we. M4 is outnumber our national FAMAS. Yes, a lot of players have it, but it tends to stay in homes because only Cybergun and Marui make it and... ...Everybody hate Cybergun in France, and the gun tends to have some internal problems. Marui is expensive and a lot of players don't take it because the power is too low. (280 fps) And for it's two brands. The weapon has a tendency to squeak a lot. I'd say it's the same all over the world, ea. the weapons that the country in questions army is mainly using is common in the airsoft community. if in produ as for the question: I see them every now and again, but not too commonly, no. You're lucky that your national weapon is produced by a good brand. (ICS)
  3. I note what lot of British players have a L85/86. It is only on the forum or it is also lot present on the airsoft field ?
  4. Me and a friend (I am in left) I don't try to make a real danish soldier loadout. I chose this camo because I like love it. And because I've realized he was extremely effective in our forests. (North of France)
  5. One of my airsoft "gun". M4 R.I.S King Arms I don't use this tactical grip. (I take this pictures for sold it to a friend) [/url]
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