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  1. The location in the last section of that video got called pyro corner, I got so many BFG kills there !!
  2. will try to get the video I have up later this week. Yep that was me dead - again
  3. Good to meet you yesterday Lambster, that ARU loadout looks good Quick hot debrief on the site: As always well run, the safezone is one of the best I have been to, nice big hall with tables and pleanty of space to sort your kit out. The site itself is good a real mix of large and small rooms from wards to small offices, the team have done a great job with the longer corridors placing cover to break them up. The games were well run and marshalling was spot on from what I saw, especially considering this was the opening game. Its a big (really big) site so regen walks can be like playing woodland not that this is an issue at all, and the games we played were all pretty good and ran for a good length of time. I also like that the first game was run so that you found your way around the site. The only problems we had on the day were: 1- the thunderflashes didnt ignite, it wasnt just me everyone had the issue, it was an issue with the strikers, so they could be lit with spare strikers. The guys were really good about this and I believe that Felix is sending the whole batch back so this shouldnt be an issue for any other games. 2- the site can become a bit linear, to get around choke points it can be a very long way around, again not a real problem and we quickly adapted our style to compensate. Imagine playing airsoft at your local hospital - all of it and you will get the feel, oh and I think I only got lost twice lol. The site is certainly well worth a visit and we had a great day, we will certainly be back later this year.
  4. lamb keep an eye out for 2 guys with DEA patches, that will be Greg and I
  5. you need a class 3r or below laser, ideally a class 2. The real issue with Green lasers is nothing to do with power or the colour exactly, in simple terms in order to make a green laser you have to use a more complex set up that usually starts with a higher power infra red laser, this is then converted to a lower power green laser (change to frequency / wavelength) this light then has to go through a filter to remove the more dangerous infra red also produced (although now at a lower power). They only appear brighter because the eye is more responsive to that frequency and so for the same power 'appears' brighter but that is in itself not more dangerous. some good reference material here http://www.hpa.org.uk/Topics/Radiation/UnderstandingRadiation/InformationSheets/info_LaserPointers/ M
  6. well having fitted a new nozzle spring and hop unit to my CTW it would appear something has gone in the gearbox as it now just makes a horrible noise and the selector gear seem far to wobbly Oh well off to JDs I go next weekend, will just have to run the Vector and Sniper at the next game. I cant complain as its the first fault with the gun
  7. Just got a MDD hop unit for my CTW and a stronger nozzle spring, its all stripped just need some quality time to fettle and fit, then test fire and bed the girl in
  8. I run .25 blasters in everything except my sniper (.3 blasters). .25s are great in the CM16 as its what I used in mine when I had it, more than anything I noticed a tighter grouping at max range than with .2s.
  9. My 2 favorites Marmite gun, but I love it - might have to get a couple more mags for it though the workhorse
  10. Yam Super Tenere Yes I have ridden it off road, as well as a hire one from Yamaha. Yes I do take it for long trips when the wife allows lol Gravel fire roads in wales, traction control set to allow some wheel spin = big grins all round
  11. Yep got a few bits from them, magic pin for my M4 and a couple of mags etc. Also rang Iain up a couple of times for advice or to see if he had stuff in stock, really helpful and great service.
  12. Mines not a great PMC type loadout but here it is: Its consists of: Tan cap Black UBACS (this should really be a tan shirt I guess) Warrior RICAS Compact (the compact is shorter and is easier to drive with) Emmerson Tan Crye copy pants Standard Black boots Like I said not really a great PMC loadout (not really what I was going for) but the RICAS Compact is a great bit of kit, I have 6 M4 shingles a dump pouch, a medic pouch, a large admin pouch and a cargo pack.
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