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  1. Being think perhaps - but not sure how kydex would work/help here(?) I've tried again with the issue pistol mag pouch. It kind of works I I put it base plate down - but still not that secure and a pain to put the empty mag in quickly. If my dubious wooden holder idea doesn't work, I'm gonna be all out of ideas. What do other people do? Do any of you have similar mags? I bought this pistol mainly because I can get the stick mags cheapish and because I liked the concept of not having to burst three or four separate gas bulbs (one in each mag in the more realistic mags)
  2. I'm sure all those who already replied know exactly what the problem is, but for anyone else who might come along and have any ideas: Blue = mag pouch Black = Velcro flap or 'lid' of pouch Red = mag Green = movement. 1 is the sideways movement due to downwards pressure of flap and 2 is the consequential exit/loss of mag.
  3. Molle loops might work. Stuffing loads in one pistol pouch won't. Might have to use trust old pockets lol. Other than that, I might try making a hollow in a piece of wood shaped like a normal mag, for the stick but to slide into. That way, there won't be any sideways movement available so it may mean that the tab of a standard pouch will hold it down. Possibly.......
  4. So I have a co2 pistol, bulb goes in the grip, so I am left with thin stick mags. Problem is, they don't go in a normal issue pistol mag pouch(or they do but the angle of the base plate means they slip out easily). Any ideas? Currently thinking they might have to go together in a smoke pouch or full size mag pouch.......
  5. Ordered a few bits coz the prices on them were very good, and delivery reasonable. Realised the next day that I'd messed up (ordered non blowback pistol but wanted blowback. Phoned them and they said they'd hold my order whilst I decided what to do/email them. Turns out they don't sell the blowback model I wanted so they refunded me - all very quick and painless. I know you could argue that this is no more than they should do, but at the end if the day I had made a mistake on my order by not reading the description properly and they made it very easy to correct with excellent and prompt customer service, so they get a thumbs up from me. I've since ordered more stuff from then and would happily do so again.
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