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  1. If your a manufacturer making 1000's or 100,000 of an item using a part that is twice the price (even if it's pence per part) suddenly does make a huge difference, so that makes perfect sense that the common good option form most manufacturers would be Deans for a decent connector. Making half with one and half with another flavour (or been an end supplier changing per customer request) would certainly ramp up prices, in a very price sensitive market. Make naff all to the Airsofter that might be changing 10 or so connectors... Curious what is going to go 'Tits up' and ruin an AEG from changing a connector on a battery... ? Agreed, thats definitely a good reason to stick with Deans. m
  2. No problem on size of iron, the gas-powered lance is quite happy with real man-sized connectors, RC/plastic pea shooter baby battery connectors are no problem. Not a willy waving competition (I know, odd concept on an Airsoft forum...), I can solder both just fine, but the difference is night and day between the two, hence I was wondering why everyone raves about Deans so much and XT60's don't get much of a mention. XT60's having a proper solder bucket you can tin and then the wire goes in to, makes assembly much faster ( I can probably get 3 or 4 done in the tie it takes to do 1 Deans, that maybe I'm used to using a hot iron to work quickly and the flat tab doesn't hold the wire at all) and to my mind a far better mechanical connection on the solder point (with regard connectors been pulled apart). Or maybe I just like the Yellow over Dark red... ! And my question wasn't about the superiority over a Tamyia, no argument there (I had always worked on the principle of it it works don't mess, hence only just changed them over, new trigger forced it, that and it meant doing all the battery packs...) , both mechanically and electrically (you can just look a the Tamyiac connectors and see how rubbish they are especially the cheap ass ones, in fact, some almost fall apart if you look at them...so best not to!). I can quite believe seeing a Tamyia catching fire, I took a look at the wire loom on one of my guns (trying to track down a problem) once with a thermal imager and it was quite interesting seeing the Tamiya's glowing away.... Anyway was just a curiosity, quicker to disconnect and more prevalent on retail battery packs makes perfect sense why Deans are more common. There cheaper to I noticed, which is probably a big factor for retailers. Some interesting and informative replies there. If I hadn't had to change the ends over on my batteries I guess I wouldn't have given a crap and just used Deans and been part of that club, as that's what came on the new trigger. Electrically they both seem to be on par with each other so no argument there over which is better in use. m
  3. None of those options. IMO: Brand new is from a retailer, that can provide returns, warranty etc.. protection via trading standards etcetc Second hand is from a private seller, something might be as-new, un-used, etc but you can't provide any of the above, to me that's a huge bearing on the price I'd be prepared to pay (for something available from a retailer), the clue is in the name... surely..?! mat
  4. I don't really think UKARA has any bearing on the number of participants in the sport, you want to try it, you go to a site and rent... (of one of us drags you along and sorts out some loner kit for the 'small' armory most of us have...) where does UKARA come in to it? UKARA is only an issue if you want to buy toys... Not if you want to play?! matt
  5. Having finally changed my Tamiya connectors to something 'better' prompted by sticking a Gate Titan in my main AEG I'm curious why everyone raves about deans connectors? I found them terrible to solder (i'm not a novice with an iron..!) and I just don't like the solder points (flat contact..), ended up using XT60's which to my mind are a far superior connector (and seem better enginered) , decent bucket solder points that take the wire and the solder, nice and solid and mate very well. So curious why I've not heard more about XT60's over Deans..?? matt
  6. Most of mine have done that too... Small cable tie, some super glue and a bit of patience is my current fix.
  7. Thumbs up from me: Nice woodland site, quote a big play area. The people who run it are nice, as are the marshals there. Well worth a visit! My only grip if I had to find one is the farmers access road.. full of big holes.. (my car does not like........). matt

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    Looking for some ICS M4 parts, shout if you can help! m4 Metal Hop chamber Crane Stock (Ideally tan, but if not black, for a painting project..) M4 Lower Gear box (Ideally for the older M4, but would also be interested in a CPX lower to, preferably with internals) Metal M4 Nozzle Also after KWA Glock 19 hop rubber or RA tech barrel conversion for KWA G19 (to the newer hop bucking chamber) pm or email: [email protected] Cheers, Matt


  9. I go for 0.28's for my AEG's as a preference (or 0.25s if money feels tight when I'm ordering, but I don't like mixing them as I never know whats in what mag then... right pita). I tend to go for Zeroones own brand at about £12 for 5000 which seem fairly reasonable for me (if money was no object I would probably go for Blaster Devils though, as they have always seemed 'better' for some reason, more consistent maybe, the odd occasion I have tried them). m
  10. Thanks for the reply Prisc, My names on the list for the village this Sunday, would be rude not to give it a go as I can practically walk there! Do any of you go to AWA Herts? So far the best site I've been to overall, Sandra and Rob who run it are some of the nicest people, not always the most imaginative games but always good fun (unless the plastic pea shooter breaks....). Haven't tried Tuddenham, have been meaning to, every time I drive up to Lakenheath and pass the signpost for Tuddenham I kick myself I've not looked the Airsoft site up and been... Anyone else reading the forum in the local area that Airsofts, especially if stuck for mates that will commit to going or sorting lifts out (I drive) etc. ...? Cheers, Matt
  11. Hi, Looking to try and find a new hop bucking/rubber for an old (circa 15 years old at least) KWA Glock 19 (uses a small metal ball bearing as a nub). This is the one, but no one in the UK has them in stock (had a comedy p&p quote from a Canadian company.. think the chap wanted a holiday..!) https://www.airsoftworld.net/kwa-gbb-hop-up-rubber-and-ball.html Trying to find out if these are specific to KWA, still available etc. I gather it's not a currently used hop design?? Could anyone point me at someone that has any of these in stock or if anyone has an old one in the parts box there not using, do shout! Cheers, Matt
  12. Hey, Matt, 39, long time Airsofter and been on here for years, mainly reading rather than posting though. Always struggled to persuade my mates to give it a go, still waiting for the brat to be old enough and recently lost my one Airsofting buddy, hence the post looking to find out if there is anyone local to me reading the forum here?! I'm in Royston, North Herts (near Stevenage, Baldock, Cambridge etc), drive so good for a lift. Usually go to AWA Herts and on occasion Urban Assault in Peterborough, just discovered RIFT's game days at the local paintball site so off there this weekend, so there must be so local like minded people ! So is anyone local to my area?! Cheers, matt
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