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  1. Sorry, I'm not trying to cause arguments, just trying to keep to the subject on track (The whole point of asking the question I did was to avoid the usual 'which is best' faff. We all settle for something, less than perfect, taking the good and bad points in to account and i'm interested to hear peoples rational for that). Tongue in cheek comments don't come out the other side most of the time. m
  2. I've never claimed to be a literary genius and know my limitations. However there was enough of the right words in almost the right order if read properly.... En no, I can't stand internet forum poll's.... So I couldn't, I'd rather set fire to the internet and be done with it. Not to mention doing that wouldn't have answered what I was asking..... I was after some thoughts and maybe some discussion on peoples right now, next game day AEG's. I feel like I've said that before... Brand is very applicable, you can't really not bu
  3. Absolutely nothing, Who said he won? Why did he win ?! ?! I just mentioned I though his answer was spot on for what I was asking, a few others as well (no, haven't won anything either.....), I did have to go back and look through and have a re-read as i'd missed some posts with some bad gain structure happening.... I only tend to play at Woddland sites and I find the opposite. When I used to go to Urban Assault (granted not a proper CQB site) that's where I've tended to find people with obviously hot guns which wasn't ever pleasant in close quarters and would just be
  4. Just trying to keep this particular ship on course, no offence intended. Plenty of 'whats the best AEG' or 'what would you.. ..' threads out there, I had tried to pose a slightly different question. m
  5. Indeed, i'd go as far as suggesting you could probably play a game or two with a long straw and enough puff at the very extreme if one so desired. I would personally add quality of materials used and features, though guessing that's partly what you mean by look/feel? m
  6. And that's the point, there are so many options, their isn't a golden *best*, what suite one person won't suit the next, be it budget, features, brand, what the shop had on the shelf etetc and that is what the topic is about, what's made something good for YOU, NOW. Personally I couldn't give a monkeys if your talking about a cheap CYMA or a brand new PTW, recoil, it's not a willy waving competition, it's about what makes that a good fit for YOU, right now. It's a very personal question that only you can answer, it's about what you're using right now (not what you might go for in
  7. Hey Sam, Best advice (as above) is to just get out there and do it imo! I feel your pain, I struggle to find any mates that are interested and reliable enough to come along most of the time, I spend most of the drive worrying about turning up on my tod and then the rest of the day having a blast. Any sites I've been to the staff are friendly enough and most 'softers are too. Maybe we need an Airsoft singles site...... My biggest bit of advice is to get some decent Eyepro and face protection (to make sure you don't fog up, i'd get something mesh as a bac
  8. Is that using the new version as the base, product description is somewhat sparse on details?
  9. I remember back then too, my first TM M16 didn't even have a hop..... and no GBB pistols either.. So what made you go with the G&G Raider your currently using? m
  10. Almost missed this which is closer the mark, almost.. Indeed they are and that is what I was hoping would give some interesting points of view (Subjective personal taste, not a$$ holes..). What's the draw (for you, from your pov) with the Firehawk for regular use? I've not actually come across the KWA Blowback's, beside the nightmare of proprietary parts, do they offer anything new that Bolt or a TM Recoil doesn't offer? Systema is a bit of a red herring/oddity in that they are not really an Airsoft brand imo, they just happen to use the
  11. Em, I think it's you missing the point of this thread by a country mile with most of that.... And what has that ^^^^ got to do with the question I asked?! If an answer is 'it's my first AEG, and cost was the sole driving factor or it was the only one in the shop I could afford' that's just as valid and interesting response as 'it's my 110th one and X Y & Z feature made it my choice', What has a lecture on adjusting expectations and focusing less on flaws got to do with that?? Question asked was: What AEG do you use NOW and why, not what would you go for.....
  12. Car yes, but this is an Airsfot forum... GF hardly ( you only have to put up with an AEG on a Sunday and it's a dam sight easier to change it, if it gets cranky on you... : o p ) m
  13. Probably badly asked, but my questing posed is about what you are using now and why, not what you would go for. (And not a what first AEG to get question, just curious what rocks your world and why). m
  14. Corona Virus boredom question, sitting here browsing AEG's and wondering what differentiates one brand from the next these days, are they all TM clones or are there some inventive features out there? Q. So what brand (and model) have you gone for and why for your AEG (main one you use, not the 10's of others under the bed)? (Or more simply, what AEG are you using and why as your main go to one) Personally I'm using an ICS M4, main reason been I like the split gearbox design for ease of maintenance/fixing/tinkering. Matt
  15. Is there any actual news on this? Patiently waiting since I spotted WE's teaser..
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