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  1. Well I guess rule 2 could be; 2. If in doubt conduct a kangaroo court
  2. You could also apply that to life in general. 1. Don't be a dick End.
  3. Eliteism. Its prevalent in most sports and airsoft is no exception. I suspect it's deep seated human behavioural trait, as i have been guilty of it in the past. But its like our relationship with learner drivers, we all were learners once, we all hesitated at roundabouts and drove 2 MPH below the limit, there is no sense going crazy if you have a learner in front of you, people would do well to remember that. All i am saying is, as mature adults (or mature teenagers for that matter) we can turn the other cheek and help the new-comers, even when it doesnt benefit us directly. If they are not interested in your help, leave them and find ones that are (there are always a few).
  4. I take my son with me when i skirmish, he's a teenager so under normal circumstances he doesnt listen to a word i say, get him in a game and its a different matter. I am doing my best to teach him the right way to play airsoft from the beginning, which is what i think the "random" teenagers or otherwise need. Airsoft for me is about the team play and camraderie, its not something that is fun when played alone, so i do my best to try and help the new players. Lets face it, having hired equipment when most other people have their own can be daunting, especially when the regulars know all of the ambush points and can out range you. Try it yourself, gather the randoms together and get them to follow you, (you'd be suprised how many will follow you) and if nothing else its fun to attack the regulars from an unexpected angle with 10+ people. Even if they dont really hit anything, they are having fun, which makes them all the more likely to come back and buy better equipment etc.. which in turn keeps the sport alive. Therefore we all win. My £0.02p
  5. I just bought a VFC H&K 417d, a 500 round hi-cap, 7.4 lipo crane stock battery and 6000 .30g BBs. From my initial testing its a fantastic gun. I only wish i had considered the HK 417 before i bought my G&G GR14 HBA-L, as they are the same price and the 417d works just as well (if not better) than the GR14.
  6. I just thouhgt i'd chime in because my recent purchase fills me with child like glee; I just bought a G&G M14 HBA-L, a scope, a bipod and a couple of spare mags. Roll on Sunday where i'll be able to see if it really does live up to its name.
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