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  1. A Prime rear adjust hop unit that takes AEG barrels... That may not sound like much but it's been on my wish list for about 2 and a half years. Nowhere had it in stock when I had the dosh to buy one and now I've finally picked one up for a song, barrel included!. Now just need a bolt carrier + nozzle and my WA M4 lives again.
  2. That's nice. That's really nice. How does it run?
  3. plain black imo, the M4 pulls it off alright because it's already tan
  4. That M16 needs an ACOG... or a short dot... or something. Looks good otherwise
  5. I dunno, the rig looks more like the bandit skins one
  6. I like the DayZ loadout, I mean it could do with a baseball cap or a facewrap, but I suppose it's not a copy and it looks good as it is
  7. Proffrink that glock is seriously nice. I like the feel of a good ol' glock. No homo.
  8. Not usually a fan of MTP but I have to say, loadouts like that are warming me up to them. I've updated my loadout a little, so guess I should get some pics up of it soon.
  9. I actually like AK's with suppressors, but not personally a fan of folding grips... Maybe a magpul RVG would look good. No optics though, not for me. That's almost too much imo. A lot of people at my local use L85/6's. Funny though, more often than not they're polish. Not sure how I should take that, but whatever. They're certainly not as common as M4's though.
  10. That handguard looks like it's got a moulded rail on it
  11. A G&P TA01 ACOG with larue style QD mount and a RS killflash Also my hogue grips arrived and the pictures of it on my 1911 are up in the gun picture thread
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