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  1. a friend posted this on facebook the other week, http://action-cam-pro.com/mini-cam-pro-promotion/ this is only the 720p model, if you want the 1080p you can 'upgrade' to that when checking out, I think it was around £19 extra, also once you have checked out you get sent a link for half prices accessories (bike mounts, batteries etc). I bought the 720p one for when I am riding my bike, it has arrived and looks good. I haven't had a chance to use it and check the footage but there is a couple of reviews for them on the web (http://road.cc/content/review/94595-chilli-technology-mini-cam-pro-hd-720p-sports-action-camera) Companies facebook page as well (https://www.facebook.com/ChilliTechnology) - I did a lot of checking them out as I didn't believe the offer at first.
  2. I had "really, playing soliders, you wouldn't get a real solider doing that" from someone working in the MoD. I then informed about the number of people in active service in the armed services that I have met through airsoft and they went a bit quite.
  3. I think the mall is a great site, I know a lot of people say about non hit taking, but on the flip side I have seen a few people calling others out when that actually hadn't hit them. I had it once in the basement and a guy at the end of the corridor was 100% certain that he was hitting me, even though you could hear his BB's hitting a bit of metal just to my right. Luckily there was a marshall standing not to far away who saw what was happening and when the rather annoyed player starting walking towards me and shouting out calling me a cheat the marshall explained he had been standing there for the duration and not a single one of the other players BB's had hit me. I also had it once myself when using my pistol, I thought I had hit someone in the basement a few times but they weren't calling it, they shot me and I walked, a bit annoyed that they weren't taking there hits. Joined back into the game in a lit area and took a shot at someone when I realised my shots were dropping well short of normal (so I couldn't have got the previous guy). Was glad that I hadn't called him out and always made me much better at cleaning my guns as the issue was just a dirty barrel.
  4. I was looking for some when I got my TM MP7, I tried an MP5 triple pouch which I already had but didn't like it. I saw the BFG ones and was going to buy them but couldn't find them in CB anywhere at the time. I then found the below review for custom MP7 taco's on youtube, I bought some of these and they have been great, attached pics shows mine. These cost £150 for all 6 posted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTSsc0T_kYk Shortly after buying them I saw that HSGI then released some extended tacos which fit mp7 mags, I think they are £25 each from Tactical kit, so slightly more expensive as you then have to pay delivery as well, but will probably be a quicker turnaround from order to receiving them.
  5. TM guns are designed to run on 134a, so if you use propane in it there can be risks. I have heard of someones slide flying off, and anothers just smashed to pieces mid blowback, but that still doesn't put me off using propane in my tm hicapa, as if the slide does break it is quite cheap to get a new one. I have had mine working at very low temps during outdoor night games over the winter, and it never let me down once.
  6. +1 for the TM Hicappa. I got a 4.3 as my first pistol, whilst I have used other pistols nothing has tempted me to part with the hicappa yet.
  7. If you could make it to the Mall on a Thursday for their evening games they are only £35 for hirers, or a full day at the weekend for £58. I think with Bunker 51 you are paying for the look of the place, from looking at the gallery it does look quite bespoke, but that doesn't mean it makes it a better experience. Have you tried looking on Airbana? (http://www.airsoftmap.net/Skirmish/) for sites closer to you, as there are a number closer to central london then The Mall. Not sure how up to date it is now but it gives you an idea.
  8. Some people love the Mall some hate it, the only way to know for yourself is to try it. Personally I love the site, always have good games there and I find the marshals are good at dealing with people who are believed to be cheating if people tell them and give a good description of the player.
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