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  1. Its just an unfortunate two tone combo, but they're both getting painted tomorrow so should look much better
  2. Quick update... This is my current set up, just waiting for my Sordin headset to arrive. Looking to get a plate carrier in OD, Tan or Multicam and some Oakley tan gloves to make it look more like a SASR loadout. Gaz.
  3. Very nice dou there buddy! Cant wait to get my hands on a nice tactical AK like that one and the 417 is a sexy piece of kit!
  4. That Spas is a beauty mate. Every time I see one it reminds me of Jurassic Park. I'd have to get 'Clever Girl' engraved somewhere on the gun.
  5. Hey dude! The Socom stock just requires an a flat bladed screw driver to remove the stock from the tube and you have access to the stock tube- 3 second job The HERA kit has a custom barrel adaptor on the front end with a 14mm CCW thread so will fit most silencers/flashiders. Thinking of sticking a FirePig sound hog on there in stead Theres several ways to fit a G18C: *Some guys pin the sear down and remove the fire selector. *Some guys dremel out the side of the carbine kit. *In my case Ive just filled around 1mm off the fire selector and with a bit of 'Abra Ka Dabra' (swearing and hitting) its now sitting pretty inside the body and cycles perfectly It reads 'not allowed to use with C models' on the side of the kit but its just lies and propaganda ha ha Many thanks mate. More custom build to come
  6. I was looking for a distressed desert style paint job. Something that looked like it had been through the apocalypse ha ha Bit of Halfords camo paint and some washing up liquid. I was quite pleased with it, looked awesome in the autumn
  7. Just joined the forum, thought Id post some pics of my 'Boom Sticks' to see what you guys think... HERAtic Zombie Stopper- KWA Glock 18C G&P Magpul MOE Carbine- Noveske Railed (awaiting paint) Classic Army M203 Short Stand-a-Lone, Work in Progress CYMA AK47 Romanian EBB (Just sold) First scratch build M4 with a Socom Gear MEU Classic Army M4- Custom CQB Build Socom Gear 1911 MEU (currently looking for a new home) HFC M9 (Metal Gear Solid themed) WE Desert Warrior- Stripped and painted black AGM HK416 CQB Gaz
  8. Hey Ed, It started life as a bright orange and black 2-tone gun and the previous owner had painted the gun black (after getting his UKARA membership). But when I brought it the paint was flaking off and it was covered in deep orange scratches so Ive used paint thinners (NitroMors) to strip it back and prep it for paint, the only trouble is can decide between a FDE and black paint job or spraying the whole gun multicam. But not Im getting very tempted to strip the rail and stock tube down to metal and just lacquer the whole gun for fun Heres a few better pics for you dude... Any my fave.. And just to stay on topic.. My CostaLudus style hip rig (built from TMC parts from Hong Kong from a fraction of the real deal price) A cracking piece of kit Gaz
  9. New to this forum, so thought Id introduce my kit aswell. Its still a work in progress and Im waiting on a pair of multicam trousers, a Comtact II headset and will be swapping the black plate carrier out for a tan one once Ive got some spare cash.... *Multicam Fast Jump Helmet with Ghost Warrior face shield *Multicam UBACs *Kharki/Stone cargo trousers (waiting for my Multicam Crye style trousers being delivered from HongKong) *Oliver Drab Viper combat gloves *Tan Oakley boots (Not in picture) *SOLO plate carrier black *CostaLudus style hip rig with double decker Taco pouches *Glock 18C mounted on vest (2x normal mags, 1x entended-carbine kit on its way) *Magpul/Noveske M4 with Zombie Stopper optics (Specs and details in Magpul picture thread) (with 4x low caps and 1 high cap) *SocomGear 1911 MEU with M3 style illumenator and threaded barrel (3x mags) *Custom stand along M203 short with multicam handguard and pistol grip and 2 40mm grenades (work in progress- soon to have side folding G36c stock) G&P Magpul carbine with Noveske front end.. And the newest member... Glock 18c Hera CQB weapon.. Gaz
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