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  1. Not any more he isn't. He was involved in a deal, didn't like how it turned out, and started deleting the other guys posts, so "god complex" seems very applicable. Don't worry though, the scammers are still there, they don't get banned. Classic ZeroIn.
  2. By the way, when did you order this @Cr0-Magnon? And did it reach Heathrow or Coventry?
  3. Where did Border Force state it was a firearm?
  4. Mother of god, that's the worst thing I've seen in a while. Falling to bits and shilling a corporate clothing brand in one not so neat package. What a tool.
  5. " it’s very impressive but I’m a plinker and not a gamer so way above my needs" What? He was hoping it would perform worse than it does? The reasons people give make no sense.
  6. Section 127 is such an absurd part of law, the list of things people have been convicted under it for being "grossly offensive" is insane. Scotland does have a particular hard-on for using as a sledgehammer too.
  7. It's not that it's part of a the barrel assembly, it's that parts that reduce noise and/or flash are restricted. "...an accessory to a lethal barrelled weapon or a prohibited weapon where the accessory is designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by firing the weapon."
  8. Flash hiders are restricted under the Firearms Act 1968, so I wouldn't recommend trying to import one of those.
  9. But how do you know if it's been used or not? The only way to find out is to try and fire it. But you also have the problem with the battery running flat over time, or the gas leaking out, either way at some point it just won't fire regardless if it's been used or not. Which is why it should be either non-functioning, or be able to dismantle and reload again.
  10. If you really are concerned about dimensions, then getting a KWS Mini UZI is probably best, but not the cheapest. Otherwise you're going to have to do a lot of work to get the right shape. Having it only fire in 1 setting is odd, do you really need it to fire? What if something goes wrong and it doesn't work, are you going to throw it away and build another one? I get that in the movie that's how it functions, but you don't need to replicate it's function, just it's aesthetics surely... If the real weapon in the movie fired, I can guarantee that it could be taken apart since it will be a live firearm. The picture above shows a clam style casing that comes apart.
  11. TM already do an automatic UZI, or are specifically after a mini UZI? Why do you want it to be impossible to disassemble?
  12. Image doesn't work, requires permission to view I presume.
  13. What's with this reloading nonsense? It has a bayonet for a reason! For the glory of the Soviet Union!
  14. He bought it from Surplus Store. It costs £200 two toned, plus £10 of BBs and £4.99 delivery, so £214.99 to the door. And he wants people to pay him £225 for it, without any warranty if something goes wrong. Good luck!
  15. The background image can be saved at 40 quality (JPG) and it reduces it to about 180kb, much better than the current 530kb.
  16. That would be legal and still regarded as a two tone. The principle colour needs to be: (a)bright red; (b)bright orange; (c)bright yellow; (d)bright green; (e)bright pink; (f)bright purple; and (g)bright blue https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2007/2606/made
  17. It's only been used once, just like the 'new' condoms I sell.
  18. I'm not really sure why you quoted me then? The 607 doesn't have an A2 upper. I quoted the post by Freefrag which was talking about the 607.
  19. He wasn't referring to your rifle, but a different one, which is the M607.
  20. That's the Colt Model 607, not that many were made and it saw very limited action in Vietnam, it pre-dates the XM177E1 by a year or so. RetroBlackRifle is a good resource for the early AR-15 family of rifles: http://pullig.dyndns.org/retroblackrifle/ModGde/CrbGde/607.html
  21. Airsoft guns are toy guns. It's the same thing. Doesn't matter if you call it a toy, or airsoft, it looks real, it's painted black, it's a realistic imitation firearm. With the exception of the power rating set in the Policing and Crime Act 2017, there is no special section for airsoft guns, they are all in the same category. You know it's a toy, I know it's a toy, but if people walking past don't know that, they are probably going to call the police, that's the issue.
  22. Always wanted an FN FNC, but they are pretty uncommon these days. The enemy team will see that thing reflecting from a mile away.
  23. It's a RIF and should not have been sold without a defence provided. In order for it to not be a RIF it needs to be a miniature, or it's principle colour needs to be listed here, but the gun black and full sized. Having a little bit orange at the end doesn't change it's principle colour. Nothing wrong with dressing up, but just be careful with displaying guns. It's illegal to be in a public place without good reason with an imitation firearm, your front garden is of course private property so it's lawful, but I wouldn't recommend it. If all your neighbours are relaxed and know they are replica's that's good, but anyone could walk past and not know, and then all of a sudden it becomes an incident. Even when armed response realise it's a replica, it still goes on the database as a firearms incident. All these statistics add up and eventually some do-gooder politician puts a magnifying glass on it and then we've all got a problem. This isn't necessarily against you if your neighbours are fine, but maybe a "be careful" notice to everyone else browsing these forums. Don't give the powers that be a reason to draft up a VCRA 2.0. For the record, I also used to run around the neighbourhood with replica guns playing "army men", also right next to a military base. The pre-9/11 days were good, but those days have sadly gone.
  24. Do you have the photos of when armed response turned up afterwards?
  25. These ads are usually accompanied by "only fired in the garden" or "only used once", which is weird, if it's so amazing why are you selling it so soon? Spending £200 on a gun, another £200 on upgrades, then trying to sell it for £399. Get real.
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