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  1. Some form of fast food with my battle buddies for a warm down and to regale each other with tales of our exploits on the field. It's literally a tradition now and generally frowned upon if anyone skips out.
  2. Agreed, I think manufacturers should offer this as a standard connector. I was suggesting it because Kroshy was looking for a better trigger response and I was trying to prevent his wallet being spanked.
  3. I've had a whole bunch of AEGs, (G&G, VFC, LCT, E&L and a few others) and none of them perform like my 417 does out the box. Admittedly, they are pricey and in hindsight I'd probably reconsider my particular choice and go for the M4 but you definitely get what you pay for with a TM NGRS - AEG experience and OTB performance that no other ERG (and very few AEG) manufacturers can touch. I know it makes me sound like an elitist jerk when I say this but normal AEGs don't quite cut the mustard anymore for me.
  4. Anything but an 1911 or the Luger from the WE range and you should be good. I've had TM pistols (226, M92, 1911) and I have to say with the Maple Leaf upgrades in my Gen3 G17, the TM's pistols I've owned can't compete. Not only that, for the cost of my G17 and upgrades, I paid the same as I did for my TM 1911 and a single magazine. In answer to your question, WE pistols are definitely worth thinking about.
  5. I would start with a switch to DEANS connectors, and a good service. Krytacs are generally mustard out of the box so you should be okay on the internals front. For accuracy, I run a Prommy barrel with purple bucking and firefly namazu nub. It's not too pricey and should work really well with what you have already so you shouldn't be breaking the bank.
  6. If it happens, it happens. CQB is chaotic by its very nature so I say providing someone hasn't mag-dumped on someone, just call it and get back to respawn.
  7. IMO if you intend to do a bunch of upgrades to it and use it for more than when you get caught-short in the field, get the TM. As everyone has already alluded to, TMs have better quality control and less reliability issues. If it's a once-a-month skirmish jobby, go for the WE. A quick fix with a ML 50 degree rubber (and precision barrel if you can stretch it) and that should be enough for any CQB.
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    Hi All, Recently got bored of running AEGs and now I'm looking to take it to the next level... GBBR. That means I got a Tokyo Marui HK417D NGRS possibly up for grabs if the right offer comes up. Here's what I got: TM HK417D Next Generation Recoil Shock 4 x TM Mid Cap 70rnd Magazines 1 x TM Hi Cap 600rnd Magazine INTERNALS (Installed professionally at Crawley Surplus) Prometheus M90 NGRS Spring Prometheus Soft Bucking Firefly Namazu Nub with Aluminium Pin Prometheus 6.03x318mm EG Barrel Prometheus Perfect Tappet Plate Mini Tamiya Connector Mod EXTERNALS VFC 9" RIS Handguard (Also have the standard 13" RIS handguard as well) FMA Angled Foregrip Laser/Light with Pressure Switch All in all, I've paid around £950.00 for the package. (ACOG not for sale and the original box is in average condition.. I used it to carry everything you see above so you can imagine what it looks like) What I currently have my eye on is a WE G36c with an NPAS and a few magazines to boot but feel free to make me an offer. Thanks!



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