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  1. after a cheap spring gun(preferably a rifle) to use as a forfeir gun with my mates at the next skirmish if anyone can help me out

    1. PT247


      anything JBBG sells lol

    2. cropzy


      ^ then spray it bright pink and put pink ribbons on it and glitter

    3. TomC
  2. selling a D BOYS short m203, with ris and barrel mount and 2 nades (untested) if interested drop me a message and i will provide details. back in manchester as of the 9th so need this sold quick unless anyone is up there and wants to collect...

  3. snipers are not much use for first time players, better off with aeg...
  4. anyone want some cheap osprey mtp pouches? got a few trying to get riid before uni. i'll post a listing if there is any interest

  5. think us woodland looks cooler than multicam...

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    2. Zak Da Mack

      Zak Da Mack

      Anything looks better than multicam

    3. jcheeseright


      US woodland clothing and multicam kit looks awesome.

    4. Teo


      Looks good together, eg, marsoc kit.

  6. so i'm into manchester met uni... any good sites up there??

    1. Mr Monkey Nuts

      Mr Monkey Nuts

      There are a few, trojan indoor in stockport, just a few mins walk from the train, trojan have a woodland site in macclesfield/wilmslow.]

      First and only also have an indoor site the and woodland site bolton way too. YOu are also only an hour each way to halo mill in Huddersfield and bravo 22 in Formby.

    2. Mr Monkey Nuts

      Mr Monkey Nuts

      and there is the manor at Warrington.

  7. need some 9.6 nunchucks. anyone wanna sell me one?

    1. DX115FALCON


      Yes. Many online retailers would love to sell you one!

    2. alwaysontheoffensive


      i cried in laughter!

  8. they sell some amazing shooters, think they supply the raf regiment?
  9. doe anyone want a d boys shoprt m203 with a nade? just testing the waters i'll post a thread if anyone wants it with full details and pics

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    2. alwaysontheoffensive


      it is basically new, with a moscart... and thats posted

    3. Mack


      Technically its still second hand, a brand new one, with moscart & posted is £71

    4. alwaysontheoffensive


      hrmm well im not taking too much of a loss


  10. i wouldn't mind popping over to syria, grabbing loads of webbing etc and coming back!!
  11. if you are plinking, get a springer and just see if you enjoy that, then break yourself in with a rental gun and see what you think of skirmishing, beleive it or not many of my mates have come away almost horrorfied after being shot at endlessly buy a 40 year old man with a big fuck off a&k 249 para... look at a budget, but quality aeg, i got a cm16 raider and pimped the motor etc, threw it around etc until it just conked out last month! as for ukara, you will need a VALID DEFENCE for buying a rif from a retailer.. but does not exempt you from attaining a rif from a private seller. best of luck in your adventure into airsoft, go and give them a fist full of bb's!
  12. if you're running a scar-H, pattern 58 webbing is super cheap and will fit the larger 7.62 mags, just a suggestion?
  13. Just googled ukraine rebels!, as far as im aware, the chap has a british army ops vest, but i does look like the rubbish molle varient they used before the opsrey mk2... (not a very good molle system sorry brit fans) but i agree, its just fun! my British army infantry kit is all mtp, and i love it, but i cant afford an sa 80 to finish the job, and this can help you stand out from all the multi spam fast helmet "operators"... was looking at some 58 pattern, but it's not much use to me as i want something tougher and more modular like plce, plus mag pouches for the m4 are great.
  14. The beast- asg car 15 (kinda) with a supressor, and an m203 short, weighs a bloody ton.
  15. thanks, been an ambition for a while, hoping to get stuck in with the officer training core alongside my degree and go straight into the rmc at the other end, hopefully i've got what they want for an officer of the the best army in the world!
  16. so been thinking, now that i have completed my a levels and am a man of leisure.. of a new loadout that can be succesful and not be gun specific... in light of curent on going global conflicts in the middle east and more urgently the Ukraine, has anyone felt the urge to throw on whatever and fight against assad or the Pro russian separatists at their local air soft sight? i've seen chaps in syria running with all sorts, slr's lots ( and lots) of kalashnikovs, m4's m1898's, you name it! ukraine looks fun, saw a whole platoon (well bunch of pro russia crimea mercs on an apc) head to toe in c95 brit kit! (i suspect the mod is up to it's old tricks *cough musjahadeen and stinger missiles-i'm joking) but they had desert ops vests from iraq, which was worrying... so has anyone fancied it? tempted to grab a chicom chest rig and a shemagh with some mix match camo for a syrian fighter look! this post is not at all serious, so any of the milsim warlords don't get hormonal with me!
  17. i wear an iraq issue mk6 with the mtp cover and it's bearable.. bit of a sweat bucket, but i'm aspiring to go to sandhurst after university so guess it's good practice for when they give me a shiny new mk 7
  18. yeah it's barrel mounted, but the barrel on my car 15 is a stubby so the front clip doesn't fit, so voila some thin cord tied on extremely tightly and kaboom there you have it!
  19. just picked up a short m203 for this, so might stick with the gucci plate carrier and pick up an osprey 4x 40mm pouch
  20. meh, i'm not forking out £250 on a new rifle when i quite like the one i already have
  21. ooooh thanks!! i think i can get away with the car 15 though
  22. just want that badass special forces look, back when they didn't wear armour or helmets
  23. thinking of getting some plce webbing for my light infantry loadout, or should i stick to the gucci plate carrier?

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    2. alwaysontheoffensive


      i've tried them before, and although i've seen UKSF use them, still a vest and not a belt kit, as before mentioned i want my front clean

    3. Finius


      Either WAS or TAS do a belt rig with a back yoke for a hydration pouch...I can't remember which!

    4. alwaysontheoffensive


      the temptation to dump the plate carrier and run the pouches on a belt is tempting, you can get yokes on them too i guess

  24. looking for a post falklands loadout, after they ditched the m16 a1
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