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  1. Saw two absolute plonkers on Herbet road, SE london yesterday. Both unfortunately fellow airsofters. One guy walking around with dumppouch, thigh rig etc all still attached in his BDU bottoms and a t Shirt with Sun glasses thinking he was Rambo, not even 100m from where a Boy was stabbed to death yesterday and Police were still on High alert searching for the weapon. Other plonker was waiting for him in his car in full gear. Walking around in your gear doesn't make you look cool, it makes...

    1. TeddyBhoy


      you look like a tw*t with self esteem issues. Rant over.

    2. RabidNinja64


      Dont get me started. Have (Well, HAD) a friend once who started to get into it and bought one of those pre-built £30 tac-vests, and wore it in his car for "Work" when 2 officers came down along the street and questioned him and thought he was undercover!

    3. Richie Boyle

      Richie Boyle

      I dont even like walking to my car in my kit so I usually wear MTP trousers and olive t shirt. Everything else goes in my gunbag or holdall

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