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  1. Right lads, I'm now driving and live right beside the A20 so have easy access to the M25 so can comfortably travel to good sites further from london. What are some really good woodland sites you guys play at? Would be cool to put faces to names !

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    2. Antt570


      My local site too! It's the best in the area IMO.

      You've also got Ultimate Wargames too.. their Fawkham site is only 10 minutes-ish from A20.

      Little bit basic compared to Apocalypse though...


      Let me know when you attend, we'll probably be there! :)


    3. TeddyBhoy


      Yeah it's now my nearest site conveniently! The last site I went to was a bit basic, I've been searching for a massive woodland site like that to compliment ,my recon kit! Their mil sims sound right up my street too.


      Nice one mate i will do :)

    4. iBrowniee x

      iBrowniee x

      AWA herts just off of the M11 really good woodland site and it's very big

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