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  1. The Medium ALICE pack just turnt up, nice suprise to find it had a brand new lightweight frame and Molle II straps already installed! Just need to change buckles for fastex ones and repair the lid which seems to have rotted a bit... There was also a waterproofing back inside but that was rotted beyond belief so had to be binned! Anyone know how to get marker out of a pack?

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    2. TeddyBhoy


      Yeah the fella who used in whichever US force he was in has wrote his name in massive letters twice so I need to get shot of it and replace with my name lol. I'll spot test some mate, cheers! I've used hairspray on metal before but I dont see it working on nylon lol

    3. SimonQuigley
    4. TeddyBhoy


      Cheers mate, got some work cut out to get it the way I want but it'll be worth it!