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  1. What would we say is better lads, Flyye or Pantac? Looking at getting a RRV rig and with pouches and shipping its only 8 quid dearer for a Pantac set from HK, I've heard pantac is better but Flyye use 1000d codura ?

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    2. TeddyBhoy


      Its shocking how you slip into aint it mate! When I started off I was like pfft I'll never spend that much money on airsoft, what a load of divs getting that into it! my first dpm loadout lasted I sh*t you not, 1 skirmish, the following UKSF one did the same, and then I went Marine FR, and thats last about a year now! I find myself buying stuff and thinking oh I could get a few extra bits and use it for a SEAL loadout... Its never ending!

    3. CaptainDumbass


      The problem is, after my last loadout i swore to stay away from "tacticool" and build my gear around comfort. I did that with basic aor1 gear i made for cqb but after i kept on adding and now if i had the dummy GPNVG18's id look very very close to devgru...! xD

    4. TeddyBhoy


      I've lost count of the amount of times I've said "F*ck it i'm going down the comfort and what works for me route" always last until I go to order something and then convince myself not to due to accuracy lolol. You'd think I was in a re-enactment group or team the way I go on but I'm the only bloke I've met who does 2000-2005 and 2009ish FR lol

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