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  1. Anyone suggest a resonably priced CB ruck that can be worn with belt kit and wouldn't look out of place for Force recon? Needs to hold a weekenders worth of gear and food

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    2. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      What kind of gear are you thinking of? because it's only a 25L.

    3. Mack


      Well I've took mine on three stag weekends and there's enough for three days worth of clothes and wash kit in it. Plenty of Molle on the outside for extra pouches for more if you need.

    4. TeddyBhoy


      I'm going to Knab a ILBE off Ebay i think, few of them knocking around sub £80 all in. I like the look of the WAS packs but theyre out of stock. I have read FR purchase new packs so thought they would fit the bill! Yeah you can fit alot in Macks pack, just knowing how to pack ;)

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