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Status Updates posted by CaptainDumbass

  1. TM Hi Capa Gold Match has arrived.... now to spend what i spent on the gun, on upgrades....

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    2. StayOnTarget


      Unless its broken leave it be man,one of the lads I skirmish with has a stock one he uses propane (it shoots a fuckin dream) and runs around with extended mags being a nightmare to the other team,looking at your loadout preference I'm guess you're a CQB man so if you haven't already what about a torch and some mags to go with that slick pistol you've got,oh btw I'm not in the least jealous🙄

    3. Steveocee


      There are T&Cs you sign up to when buying a GM. One of them is that you won’t upgrade it. Honestly you won’t be able to upgrade it from where it is, you want something to upgrade then buy a spare hi capa! My GM is annoyingly fantastic.

    4. CaptainDumbass


      Sorry chaps. I did a silly and upgraded it anyway. 
      Maple Leaf hop unit & 6.01 inner barrel with Autobot 60 bucking and its already shooting even better lol.

      Short stroked it simply for gas efficiency and faster shots. 

      Nine Ball gas routers for better sealing/ efficiency. 

      New magwell for the looks.


  2. Armorer Work SAI Hi Capa, or the TM Gold Match Hi Capa? 

    1. rocketdogbert


      You want an awesome gun? Buy the TM

      You want a blingy gun? Buy the AW

    2. UKCYukarin


      Would say a Regular TM 5.1 HiCapa for the best parts compatibility.

    3. Albiscuit


      Not yet bought it, but a TM hi cappa will be my next major purchase!! 


      Done a bit of research and all roads lead to TM it seems.

  3. Brief first impressions/ review of the Wolverine MTW over in the HPA threads for anyone that's interested. 

  4. Downsides to being 6 foot 4.... posted a grenade around the corner at about knee/waist height and get banned from using pyros for the day because it was still too high.... typical hahaha, my bad!

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    2. clumpyedge


      @Esoterick I've wondered the same thing. The usual reply I get from the shooter when asked if the head shot was necessary is oh it must have been the wind or the hop... (how its windy indoors is a bit of a mystery) 

    3. Albiscuit


      From a marshals or opposing players view, the waist height of a tall player is pretty high. You said it was knee/waist high, quite a big difference between the two.

      If I were crouched behind the corner your waist height is almost level to my face.

      The mall is sh*t hot strict on hard pyro being knee high only though, for good reason though.

    4. clumpyedge


      Playing devils advocate here but if someone decides to crouch down knowing that grenades are posted at knee/waist height then isn't that also down to the person on the receiving end knowing the risks of being that low down? I've been laid down before and had solid state BFG's land on me where they have been posted into the room I was in and knew that could happen... I do agree though that there is a fairly large difference between knee and waist height dependent on your height as well.

  5. *wobbly barrel*

    *sticks loads of foam in RIS so barrel cant wobbe* 

    job done.

    1. proffrink


      Job done for a couple of months*

  6. £500 worth of combat gear and a new car...... today's been successful...

    1. Robert James

      Robert James

      £400 of gear, £100 car?

  7. Spending 500 quid on gear and not a single purchase is a gun or attachment :( 

    1. jay83


      what ya go for?

    2. CaptainDumbass


      (everything is black minus the combat shirt): Fast PJ helmet, comtact II's, wiley x glasses, pentagon wolf grey combat shirt, emerson gen 3 combat pants, flyye LBT6094 w/ a f*ck load of pouches and what not, hydration backpack, CQC belt, custom kydex holsters for my glock & TRMR's, and a new pair of magnum spider's........ im feeling broke as f*ck lol.

  8. The urge to buy a Tippman this pay day is just too much..........

    1. Monty


      Buy one, seriously. Tried one a few months ago and the noise it makes is fantastic.

    2. CaptainDumbass


      gunna wait around until a nice package goes up for sale on here or another forum/facebook group... im too lazy to buy one and then buy & fit new rails and stocks and stuff xD

  9. Any recommendations how to post gas grenades? Will post office be funny if i just tell them its an airsoft grenade inside?

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Do. Not. Say. That. Say its sporting equipment or something. Never should the word airsoft be mentioned, and especially not the word grenade... Also, you need to make it not airtight, so just open the seal on it (depress firing pin and keep it depressed will work

  10. After taking a break from airsoft since undergoing pretty extensive & heavy spine operations. I thought id return to the forum in the run up to me hopefully being able to play again soon. Alright guys??

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Welcome back, nowt really new.

      But best wishes after ya op.

      Take it easy though and look after ya back. Fingers crossed you will be playing again soon

    2. TacMaster


      Welcome back, Captain!

  11. Does anyone know where "http://www.tacticalgeartrade.co.uk/" are based? i assumed UK but their shipping is from overseas?

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    2. b1n0gHo5t


      & means you will most likely get stung by Parcel Farce

    3. Mack


      From the T&C's page


    4. Mack


      This "site" is owned by Tactical Gear Trade Limited ("Tacticalgeartrade.com") [Reg. No. 1141168] registered under HongKong SAR laws with registered address at 7/F., China Insurance Group Building, No. 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

  12. Does anyone know any places that sells Flyye gear in black for cheaper than places like Military 1st? It seems too expensive to me :s

  13. Last time i ever buy computer parts form novatech, piss take.

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    2. CaptainDumbass


      my problem is those live chat people are bastards and close the chat before you even think to save it or take screen shots

    3. Lozart


      Sod live chat. Ring Portsmouth and demand to speak to someone about it. Unfortunately I only have B2B names otherwise I'd let you have them.

    4. CaptainDumbass


      Hahaha cheers mate, im gunna give them a call sunday so they can arrange a pick up on my day off monday.


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    2. BBrotherwood


      Dayum, the series has already overtaken the books then :/ I need to start watching it instead of praying for the next book to be written :D From what I have read they have managed to condense 3 books into 1 series O.o

    3. sp00n


      bah he'll be back missandra (or however her name is spelt) is there ;-)


      even in the books you just know that's what is going to happen. (yes i know they said "dead is dead")

    4. airsoftwarrior147


      That's what I thought, and an actor would onvioulsly say he's dead for good to make suspense.

  15. This is a serious question: But what would business look like for a new full time business in CAD, CNC, Milling, 3D Printing, Laser cutting/engraving and Hydrodipping? I get that it would be very pricey to start but would it be possible & worth it financially as a career?

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    2. ImTriggerHappy


      Yeah thats a good one to have. Problem is you never know how long you have got a contract for nowadays. If you have the workshop already its worth looking into. Keep your regular work and treat it like a sideline less risk if it doesn't work out.

    3. DEDSEC


      Off topic (slightly) but Cpt do you still do your laser engraving? If I remember correctly you did your Glock awhile back and someone's reciever on a GBBR?

    4. ak2m4


      Cpt, I think given your resources and your love of the sport an excellent idea. I'm constantly asked to provide good quality metal receivers, barrels, rails etc at good prices, CNC'd or otherwise but dealing with the Chinese is tiresome and supply (at present) is short. Of course does come down to being financially viable etc.

  16. This is stupid as sh*t i can tell, but what are sorbo pads and what do they achieve?

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    2. clumpyedge


      I used a sorbo pad in my VSR (pro) to dull the thud of the piston hitting the piston head and now its virtually silent (on par with a mk23)

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Do people need to panic ???

      I strongly think not - it would still be better than stock, aoe corrected and piston hitting a 5mm wall of neo is still better than hitting a 2mm wall of rubber/neo

      but I will start a thread me thinks......

    4. Lozart


      If you want to cut costs you can buy a 6" square sheet of 70D Sorbothane on ebay for very little.

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    2. CaptainDumbass


      Mack knows! haha

    3. TheFull9


      Ah good, wanted these in airsoft form for a long time. Glad someone finally got hold of the license.

    4. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      I recognised them as the real ones, forgot about ARMA III. My favourite magazines are still Lancer AWMs though, wish they weren't pretty much sold out everywhere and so expensive

  17. Had the opportunity to buy a Echo 1 "vss" for $120 while i was in New York this week, had no way of getting it back home, gutted.

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      bummer - but so glad I don't live in US coz I end up buying even more stuff

    2. CaptainDumbass
  18. A kid with a bright orange CTW........ ive seen it all.

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    2. Suzuki Yamamoto

      Suzuki Yamamoto

      You just know he'll try and paint it black too

    3. CaptainDumbass
    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Another rich kid's 5 min wonder

      I would just love to take a beefed up or hpa box inside a crappy JBBG gun along for $hits n giggles

  19. Arma 3 Overpoch is actually pretty impressive....

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    2. Aengus


      Do you guys play with anyone or go solo ?

    3. Aengus


      If you want to go on download there launcher here: http://customcombatgaming.com/forums/index.php?/forum/48-ccg-launcher/ Trying out the chernarus server now

    4. CaptainDumbass


      i play alone :(


  20. Sounds ridiculous, but could i get an inner barrel that protrudes outside of my gbb glock's outer barrel, and the gun will still be able to fire/function/cycle properly?

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    2. TacMaster


      The question is...why? Are you extending the barrel of a pistol in a carbine kit?

    3. CaptainDumbass


      Basically i want to put an outer barrel or silencer on my carbine kit, its possible and i like how it looks. I thought if i could do that i could extend my inner barrel to potentially increase my range and accuracy or my pistol, kinda turning it into a gbb smg rather than a glock xD

    4. TacMaster


      That sounds like a pretty cool project :)

  21. Baring in mind all of my new gear is going to be black, do i get a standard black combat set (shirt and trousers) or do something funky like black multicam or kryptek typhoon? Would it look okay/nicer alongside the black vest/helmet/etc, or should i just stick to black?

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    2. CaptainDumbass


      My helmet, vest, glasses, balaclava, pads, pouches, etc etc are all black. Im just contemplating a pattern for the combat set (shirt and trousers).

    3. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B


      Multicam black is so much nicer IMO

    4. Esoterick


      Black multicam is really nice, my mate wears a shirt in it and people are always saying it looks cool.

  22. Scrapping the NSWDG gear :( sad to see it all go but it was getting too pricey and too much hastle. Going back to black but this time concentrating on comfort and practicality rather than looks/style/realism.

    1. Mack


      selling here?


    2. CaptainDumbass


      Sold to a mate, it was half complete anyway, allwin combat set, flyye lbt PC and a few pouches and stuff, he was offering a price pretty close to what i would have got if i sold it all separately and im an impatient bastard haha

  23. Anodising a gearbox case... possible???

    1. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      Yep. KWA ones are anodised out of the factory for example. I think LCT ones are too.

  24. So i am now officially working at LegoLand!!! Not long now and a HPA setup will be mine!!! :D

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    2. Happy


      Duck beat me to it...


      Be prepared to have your patience thoroughly tested haha

    3. CaptainDumbass


      oh trust me! i am ready xD

    4. jay83


      100% Esoterick was same Wasp

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