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  1. I'm very tempted to start using Firefox as my main browser again. Chrome just keeps fluffing up. Youtube videos don't load properly and facebook crashes randomly. Plus no RSS support... hmmm

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    2. Deva


      Haven't had such problems. Have you considered deleting all the Local Data and uninstalling and trying fresh? Firefox is painfully slow.

    3. iAcorn


      I recently done a fresh instal on my macbook. No more than a month or two ago. I usually re-install the OS on all my computers once a year. I might try a complete re-install of chrome later.

    4. SpecialForce


      i run FF 17.0.1 disabled every plugin and ext..as my pc is kinda old. Chrome hogs my resources but FF in this config is the best so far. I compared all major browsers and on my system FF runs best. Not sure how they all run on a mac..

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