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  1. All set and loaded ready for tomorrow :)http://twitpic.com/bjvkn0

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    2. iAcorn


      Thanks :) The 1911 goes in my Serpa holster which is not shown... Although I have to wear it on the hip right now because the dropleg platform hasnt arrived yet =/ been waiting over a month! I still need a Holo sight, some decent trousers and a knee pad. Then I'm set :)

    3. TeddyBhoy


      Nothing worse than waiting for deliveries :( Luckily the site I got to runs a store too, phoned them up and they're gonna bring my order to the skrim tomorow lol. which 1911 is that? Im thinking of getting an MEU for a Marine loadout

    4. iAcorn


      Just a standard WE 1911. Its good enough for what I need but you have to use the slide release lever to reload. Cant rack the slide back :( Next sidearm is going to be a TM PX4 some time next year but its not a high priority. Might stick with 1911s just because of the holster ahah.

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