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  1. I have the metal bodied EBB version, which I am assuming is otherwise internally identical to the JG080. It was fairly decent ootb, nothing to write home about, but certainly good enough for the price, much like most JGs. Go for it if you like the look of it, it doesn't have any fatal flaws as far as I'm aware.
  2. Perhaps the $530 price there is premium as they seem to have the first batch? I've seen a couple of Japanese sites where the pre-order cost is around $390-415. Still a tad pricey, but a bit more reasonable, at least for a product that isn't exactly going to fly off the shelves.
  3. To be fair, its's an ad for toy guns, and the guy playing Marui Man isn't a professional actor, he's a Japanese gun nut/journalist. Although he somehow managed to get bit parts in Terminator 2 (Mall Employee Shot by T-1000) and True Lies (Japanese Party Goer in the last scene), which is pretty cool. https://anidb.net/creator/48343
  4. Algy


    Tokyo Marui give the dimensions for their o-rings in their manuals, which should also fit clones as well. http://www.tokyo-marui.co.jp/support/manuals/
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