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  1. I have worked out what it is! Oh my god. My trigger bar is slightly bent out of shape and worn where it goes into the hammer assembly. I've done some slight bending back to how I think it should look and now it works around 1 in 5 times all of a sudden. Clearly I need a new bar. Which everyone is out of stock on. Great.
  2. OK thanks. That's good advice. I thought the sear was Tokyo Marui like my glock as it says "TM G17" What's WE? I will look on Milspec now. You've been loads of help.
  3. It was from Wolf Armouries; Guns Modify Modified Steel Hammer Sear - TM G17/G18C
  4. Well, the problem is that I was given the gun for free because the trigger wouldn't fire off the action at all. It seemed like the trigger bar wasn't pushing the sear back. I replaced the sear and now we are at just the problem I have explained. The only way I can get it to almost work properly is with the slider off and if I push the trigger bar fully down and release the trigger the tiniest amount, the hammer will click back. But if I squeeze the trigger to fire off the action the smallest way in possible, its still too far to allow the hammer to set back. I'm thinking maybe replacing the trigger bar might work. But I can't find any online shop that is in stock!
  5. It also won't cock the hammer back with the trigger depressed to begin with. The problem is definitely the hammer not setting back if the trigger is depressed.
  6. After making one shot and fully releasing the trigger it will not fire. The hammer is fully up. If I cock it again it fires again but loads a second BB into the barrel. Its a Tokyo Marui. I will have to go and work out how old it is. Perhaps based on what you said, the BBU pressure bar isn't pressing the trigger bar down enough/properly?
  7. Hi everyone. Spent a while trying to search this problem to make sure I wasn't duplicating a post. No luck. Here's the issue. I cock the gun, hammer is set back, trigger comes forward, BB is loaded. All as expected. I pull the trigger, gun fires BB, slider goes all the way to the rear, comes forward and loads another BB. But the hammer isn't set back and the trigger does not reset forwards when I release. Having looked about and tried the motiones with the slider removed, the hammer refuses to be set back with the trigger depressed, which is the case when firing off a shot. I have bought a new hammer sear. It appears the trigger lever is rising up and getting jammed between the hammer sear and the rest of the housing, stopping the sear from coming forward and not allowing the hammer to be set back. Can anyone help!? Many thanks. The images below are have been loaded in the wrong order so from bottom up are; 5. Start state 4. Hammer set back 3. Trigger pulled (notice trigger lever sticking up this time) 2. Pressing the hammer back down 1. Letting go of hammer and it just popping straight back up.
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