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  1. Anywhere in Scotland that sells 50cc Motorcycles. All I can find is Scooters :(

  2. Anyone know any stores that sell Deans (or copies) connectors. Can't buy from online as need them today. HELP!

    1. Tariq



    2. rjmcgough


      Found 2 at the very bottom of a toolbox...I was very lucky today


  3. When I have enough money a TM HK416D shall be mine!

    1. harvchan


      You won't be disappointed, my TM Sopmod is outstanding

    2. M_P


      +1 got a scar and a socom under my roof, both are fantastic. Wouldn't mind a 416 myself if only got the ambi selector.

  4. Half an hour until I leave to go airsofting. First time after being illl. For a few weeks. Can't Wait XD

    1. rjmcgough


      I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms

    2. Brales


      I haven't been since September...

    3. rjmcgough


      I could not survive that long...

  5. Nice Really like the OD overalls. The EOTech Looks pretty sweet on the G36c as Well Is this your first load-out because if it is...Really good for your first load-out
  6. I bought an M4 from them as well and it did not work as the magazine was the wrong size or the gun had been mishaped and the magazine was falling out. They sent me another one but at had even worse issues. The part that holds the magazine in had split and so had the gun itself. Would never buy from them again as very poor quality.
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