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  1. How did you mod that M4 stock onto the MP5K? I'm after a CYMA one (eventually) and I'd be interested in putting a sliding stock on it instead of that disgusting folding one that comes on the PDW version of the MP5K.
  2. What I lack in weight, I make up for in vocal cords!
  3. To be honest, I actually believe the worst people for being completely oblivious to any tactics or ideas are first-time adults of around 25+. Games like CoD and such do teach kids basic tactics like checking corners and clearing buildings, whereas I see people who I assume don't play games just running into buildings firing.
  4. Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM and King Arms M&P15 MOE. I've got an MOE foregrip and rails on the way for the M&P. I just need a T-1 and some more mags now to top it off. Why is this hobby so expensive?
  5. I got my UBACS for £13 and my trousers for £10 both off eBay, brand new!
  6. Received some MTP trousers off eBay to go with my UBACS and my Multicam X-Hatch styled knee/eblow pads just arrived from HK. Last night ordered a Magpul clone foregrip, Magpul clone rails and some Oakley styled combat gloves in tan to match the MTP gear (all from HK).
  7. I'm not sure of the attraction of plastic guns, apart from their weight. It's kind of different if the real gun is plastic (like a G36 or UMP or something) but I'd never even consider a plastic gun which has a metal version available.
  8. ^ That is EXTREMELY nice. I always wanted a magpulled (or fagpulled... as some people have called it :|) M7A1! Couldn't find one though, so I settled for a King Arms M&P15 MOE instead. Might upload some pics once I've got it kitted out!
  9. That looks really, really good. What is the pistol based off of (it's functioning, right?).
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