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  1. got taken in black and white the entire day for some reason, he must have been feeling artsy fartsy or something going to a big event at the weekend so i'll pop a few up after that. the kit just saved up and got most of it, uniform, basic webbing and hat in one then over about 3/4 months the suspenders cammo ss smock, gas mask tin and other bits. still a few little items to get but have all the basics
  2. it'll take forever for it to get to cadets mate! they are always promised new shiney things "next year" that never arrive or is a half arsed effort anyway me in action at airsoft commando, photo's taken by sam garside
  3. just got a ss splinter smock to give me a slightly more waterproof loadout. darn weather
  4. german heer belt, infantry buckle, ski cap, bread bag and gas canister. finally completed my heer loadout! oh and ff13-2 which i'll be getting tommorow!
  5. yep just run away and hide from them. if your new airsoft scotland/ world is were quite a few (me included) purchase their first RIF. cheap enough for a first rifle and good service (usually, heard they are starting to go downhill) Tom
  6. paperpirate

    battlefield 3

    anyone else getting really annoyed by the jumping through a window fail glitch? took me three attempts to climb out of a window before i was imediatly killed because someone had spawned on the guy i was chasing to get his tags Might just be a ps3 thing but guys i play with have same problem
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