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Status Updates posted by JustMark

  1. Follow up to the 'getting a UKARA number' shenanigans:   I've had to re-submit my form today as it couldn't be found this morning.  Sigh...
    Hopefully this time it won't take a month to hear back!

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    2. JustMark


      Aye, every cloud.  I just want to get this one RiF from off of the interwebs and then I'm pretty sorted except more bb's and a few odds and ends.  Ho hum


    3. Krisz


      "Ah this is gonna be my last gun". 

      I know that line very well indeed.

    4. JustMark


      Might save up for one more I guess ;)


  2. Waiting for my UKARA to come through for a fortnight now.  Not impatiently waiting to spend my money at all :D

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    2. Akuma121


      Aye I can confirm as well that it's usually instant, got mine renewed a month ago and had the owner tell me they would be dropping it into the UKARA database around noon on the tuesday, got an email at 1pm with my UKARA player number. 


      Just seems like your site owner is a lazy git

    3. JustMark


      Perhaps, or maybe their clever online form thingo hasn't worked.  I've messaged again so hopefully I'll be sorted soon

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