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  1. I will assume the above is based on Krytac being better than G&G?? I am just in the middle of ordering a GC16 but unsure out of the 3 which one to go with. Swinging more towards the predator but if Krytac is better than these GC16s then can you advise which Krytac to go for please?
  2. Looking to purchase a G&G AR but not sure which one to go for. My max spend is 400 What does everyone advise???
  3. Just on forums and from what i have asked of some people. They say the TM in a auto being used alot in full auto breaks the plastic side which then has to be replaced. Someone from a skirmish site told me to get a TM USP Compact but not sure 😕 I will check out the others you have mentioned
  4. Hi all, I am new to the sport but quickly discovered what style of play i prefer and i want to go down the DMR and pistol route. If i could get some advice on what is good to use as i would rather buy once and stick with that pew for a long time haha. Searching google is giving me mixed reviews and cannot make my mind up so asking here as people have actually got physical use from a good few pews i would assume. Your help is much appreciated 🙂 DMR - Good internals/externals, good distance and accuracy and isn't expensive?? Pistol - Good internals/externals, overall good pew, good fire rate, not too expensive. [if auto, what's best as i looked at the TM ones and the reviews state they break often and parts not cheap or easy to get hold of]
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