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  1. This coming from a Yank. Lets assume that guns are a "privilege" . I would be OK with mandatory training. I would probably treat the process the same as driving a car. I dont think firearms should be treated as if they are some oddity of society.
  2. I hated the manual programming process on the Baofeng to be able to quickly add a freq to which ever team I would be on. So I ordered the bluetooth dongle. I can use my cell instead of having to drag along a laptop. Well, I had no idea that having the app would also give me a better chance of having sex at the field. THIS IS WINNING!
  3. I have offered marriage services for Liberty loving ladies of other countries in the past, but I may have to draw the line at the males. HOWEVER, I know a female or two that may be able to help you out....
  4. First, I am glad this is being civil so far. I have had the pleasure of meeting many folks from all over the globe, and whenever I can I take them shooting, I do. I dont really know how many, but I have a hard time recalling any that did not have fun. I think one gal, but she also pissed herself over a spider, so that may not count. LOL I know there are many "its not legal here" attitudes, and I get it. What I do see quickly fade is the whole "taboo" thing goes away in a hurry and replaced with giggles and smiles. This is just a sample of what I have seen, so... take it for what it is worth. I just like to hear others views on many subjects, but this is one I am always curious about. I also believe that most people would enjoy owning multiple guns and would shoot them happily. My favorite people are the Asians, mainly the Japanese and Chinese. Boy, they REALLY get exciting after a few shots. Moreso than any other foreigner that comes to the USA. If we just set aside any laws, I will agree with all the post. There are some people just dont like guns. I understand that. It is neat how society can drill into a persons psych how guns are bad and a taboo. Why I always offer to take people shooting. I also see a correlation between people who live in bigger cities, have a major fear of guns, where folks from the country or more rural areas are way less skittish. No matter what part of the world they are from. THAT is the amazing part and speaks volumes.
  5. I am just really curious as to the societal views on firearms differ from the USA vs anywhere else. Not wanting to have a discussion on what YOU think should be done, but how actual people view them. That said, I am just a gun nut. Real, airsoft and any other firearms. I pretty much grew up fascinated with them and have always enjoyed shooting. I am probably the average gun nut here in the USA. I have competed in real steel matches of all sorts, all the way down to back yard can and BB competition with friends. Like most, we view them as tools, toys and conversation pieces. Things to tinker with and make better. Also, and most importantly, safety is the #1 thing. It ranks high and is always priority, even though we may call them toys. Funny thing is, most gun nuts I know understand the use for weapons in war and gives us a sobering understanding of the impact of projectiles (no pun intended). We view the violent use of firearms as the last option. We see no issue with them in every room, in cars, bikes, backpacks etc.. You could say it is the same thing as socks and shoes, just something we wear. I guess you could say it is similar to how a person would build hot rods, ride motorbikes, and other things that folks do for a hobby. No matter what garbage you see on TV, I would hazard to say a majority of Americans think like this. So, ask me a question and I will give an answer, and a question back.
  6. Is there a law that says they must be out of plain view? Stack 'em in the corner and toss a sheet over them. I just dont understand this thread... LOL
  7. From a Yanks perspective, it looks like it would be a good time. The camping situation looked to be a bit of a BS move, but ...... it is what it be
  8. Yup, I am 53 and always the oldest POS out there.... LOL I refuse to act my age. fuck you yungins
  9. Figured you crazy Brits would have all sorts of fun and interesting stories posted up.
  10. I like watching Nicco play, its entertaining. I think he is a P.O.G., even though he claims to be some sort of operator. I like Kicking Mustang too. He is also entertaining. But, like every "famous" youtuber, a bit narcissistic. In the end, they are doing what makes them happy. BUT, bowing up on each other is half F'n retarded
  11. I am a fairly objective person, I dont judge someone on what other say, but what the person in question does (acts). I have not seen any proof of KM doing something other than hurting someone's "feelz". Any link to facts of the guy cheating? I do not mean what Bobby posted in a forum. Video proof, or KM saying he is cheating.
  12. Ran across this on another forum and thought "that would make a fun airsoft place. https://www.abandonedspaces.com/uncategorized/plane.html?chrome=1 Abandon pizza joint with a couple of airplanes (areoplanes for the weird ones). Might make a fun CQB field.
  13. Looks like a cool pistol
  14. every place you go will be "clicky" until you start chatting with other people. Just jump in a squad and do the shit jobs no one else wants and they will let you join the ranks.
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