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  1. Ju

    st browsing as my son wants a sniper for his birthday but I've been told to buy second hand incase he doesn't like it and prefers his aeg

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    2. Rogerborg


      Yes, it does make sense as long as you try before you buy, somewhere that you can actually test the full range.  Everyone claims their gun "shoots like a laser", it doesn't mean anything.


      The other option is to buy something cheap and basic to see if he enjoys the experience of sniping.  if he's only really interested in YouTube headshots at 90 metres, then there's no cheap route to that - although buying used lets you mitigate some of that cost.

    3. Steveocee


      He likely wants to get into sniping because he's seen any of the number of high profile YouTubers doing it. Sadly the reality is far from that, they cut together days of footage to give an 8 minute video that looks more action packed than the most recent F&F movie.


      Sniping is a long game, it's slower paced and it's tough going if you don't have a competitive rifle from the off. Amazing fun if that's your thing though.

    4. Bradders13754


      My son is the same so I got him this https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/double-eagle-m50a-spring-action-sniper

      Got to say pretty impressed for the price, and mags £6 👍not breaking bank either 👍

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