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  1. Fairly new CA107M with a problem. Ive owned the unit a couple of years, however due to Covid it’s only been used recently. Out of the box it worked on full auto and semi auto as per the specs, the only problem it had was that the LH fire selector didn’t work, the RH one did, so I left it alone. At my last meet the rifle stopped working on full auto, only working on single shot. Batteries are new. Ive attempted to programme it to see if that makes any difference. it will go into programme mode, and cycle through the options, however I cannot take it out of programme mode by moving the (Working selector) to full auto, it just keeps bleeping until I remove the batteries. Any ideas on the cause? I'd like to get some idea of what I'm looking for before I start disassembly to take a look. Many thanks. Steve
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