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    TM SCAR H Tan. Comes with 4 Midcaps (TM Original), a Silencer, barrel lengthener, Cheap Holosight and Lens Protector, foregrip and 2 7.4v 1600 mAh batteries. Case NOT included. Has some slight wear, used for about 5 games, working perfectly just changing my main role to sniping so don't really need any more. Looking for £580 Collected from Swaffham Norfolk, slightly more posted (we can discuss).


    Swaffham, Norfolk - GB

  2. Oh ok thanks for letting me know! I'll look for the FAST then. Would this work? https://www.308-sniper.co.uk/fast-pj-cfh-helmet-replica-tan-l-xl.html
  3. Got my airframe today. It came with zero padding installed, and it does fit on my head, but if I put ANY padding it it looks immediately to be too small so I guess this is the smaller size... Unless I'm being dumb or I can get thinner pads somewhere! Bugger... Might have to return it and go for this that was recommended https://lonex.co.uk/-ops-core-tan-sand-de-swat-tactical-maritime-abs-helmet-jump-rail-l-xl/
  4. That's helpful thank you, I had seen those but neither mention the size and I believe these come in a M-L and L-XL size, wasn't sure which they were selling. Or are the airframe's all the same size? If so i'll grab one, are both of these sites known? I also need to find some cover for it which seem scarce too. Whole reason I want a helmet is to fit my exfog, so need some velcro around the back.
  5. Hello all, sorry to revive this thread. I'm desperately trying to find a helmet for a large head. Not exactly sure on my size, I reckon 62-63cm. I have a nuprol fast thing and it's fine for the first 30mins, after which I get a dreadful headache. I'm looking through the recommendations here and can't find any in stock anywhere, does anyone have any help to offer? Really want to find something
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