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    TM MTR16. TM 416c NGRS. TM M&P9. TM M&P9 V Custom. TM DEagle. Marushin 44Automag 8mm.
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    Warrior LPC V2, set up for longer events. Emerson Microfight Mk3. FRV Shooters belt.
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    Every year we travel to Sweden for the Inferno games MilSim/LARP event. Locally, our team of 25+ years has its own private venues which we alternate.

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    Warrior Assault Systems LPC V2. Ranger green. Size M. Used less than a handful of times at Airsoft games. In overall excellent condition with no scuffs, rips, frays or any damage at all. There will be Three buying options for this set up. Option One - £250. PC plus Warrior Radio pouch, Krydex Dangler pouch, Warrior triple 5.56 panel, Original MOLLE panel, Smart phone panel and case on chest (folds up flat for stow, folds down for access to screen and is removable within case from panel for handheld use) will fit anything a similar size to an IPhone 8 with +/- 5mm room to spare and changeable internal padding for adjustment (you can get larger cases for the same mount if needed for about £20), fake plates for rigidity, original soft backing plates. Option Two - £280. All of the above plus The Emerson flat pack in Multicam Tropic. The flat pack can unzip to be double its size on both the main sack and front sack. It will come with the relevant straps to be a standalone back pack. Option Three - £290. All of the above plus the Source bladder and Multicam Tropic tube sleeve. This one has carried water three times and has been cleaned and dried properly after each use. I am always open to sensible negotiation but honestly, for what you are getting the prices are pretty solid. There will be no splits unless enough interest is built up for all the parts. Payment will be via PayPal G&S or cash on collection. buyer covers fees and postage.


  2. Gash

    THE TM MWS thread

    I have got to the bottom of what’s occurring and thought I would share so anyone having the same issue might have a chance of setting it right. So the hop assembly is perfect. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. The bucking itself is in perfect condition with zero wear and everything else is exactly how it should be. the anomaly I found was on the nozzle guide. I noticed some abnormal wear along the edge where the hop dial goes over when the BCG is in its forward position. It looks like the nozzle guide plastic is ever so slightly warped towards the front end. There is a slight increment/curve upwards in the plastic which from what I can gather is causing it to catch on the hop dial (there was a slight knick out the dial in the spot I would have my hop set and wear/burs along the edge of the guide). As the dial is click forward to turn off it stands to reason that with every shot fired, as the carrier is returning to its forward position it is catching on the dial and turning it off with a few clicks every shot you take. This all rings true to the symptoms so I believe I have my culprit. the nozzle guide is very malleable so I have bent it a little, flattening out the curve and I have also shaved a mm of the plastic away along the edge in question incase it rides back up again. Inevitably I will order the AG Nozzle Guide as it’s made of a harder plastic and less likely for this to happen again but in the mean time the temp fix seems to be working as intended. I hope this information helps people experiencing the same issue now or in the future. From looking around it doesn’t appear to be a common issue so it’s nice to have an actual cause and solution.
  3. Gash

    THE TM MWS thread

    Of that I’m sure😊 Well, thank you for settling a curious brain chaps and for all the info. I will get busy and report back with findings.
  4. Gash

    THE TM MWS thread

    The rubber definitely isn’t rated for the weight rounds I’m using. An oversight on my part. In your experience would a split or damaged bucking cause the current symptoms, inconsistent FPS and the hop winding itself fully off under fire?
  5. Gash

    THE TM MWS thread

    I will get a closer look when I strip it. Not sure how the nub would have fallen out as it hasn’t been apart since built and oddly the bucking seems to look ok and when the hop wheel is wound on you can clearly see the bucking nub lowering. thanks for the responses though dude. I will no doubt get a clearer picture when it’s apart.
  6. Gash

    THE TM MWS thread

    Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel. Firefly Medium bucking (I know this really needs swapping out for a harder one whilst running heavier rounds). SixG brass nub. G&P high flow nozzle valve. dynamic precision piston seal. SixG buffer dampener. Like I say, it was flawless for a whole day then when got back out today it was failing. Could it be as simple as the rubber being to soft and has been battered by the power and round weight or is it something more sinister.
  7. Gash

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hi all. Thought this would be the best place to ask. I recently upgraded a TM MTR and it ran like a dream for a game. Pin point accurate, excellent range and power. It went away after the game and I broke it out for some further testing today. What I found was major hop issues. After a few shots it was like the hop was winding off completely. Turn it back on and set it, a few shots later it’s wound off again, nose diving rounds. I will be stripping it down to see if anything is a miss but before I do I thought I would ask here to see if this was a problem someone else had faced that may be able to relieve the upcoming process. thanks in advance.
  8. I wondered this but the images and description only really mention the one particular Nineball microdot. There is a removable plate for mounting a red dot. It arrives tomorrow, I will have a closer look then. Appreciate the help though folks.
  9. I have been unable to find one. Been looking for a while now. There seems to be ones available for Glock but non specifically for the M&P9 L. If you end up making one for the M&P9 L/Trijicon RMR specifically I will happily take one off your hands🤙🏻
  10. Thank you for the info dude. I will hunt out a mounting plate in that case🤙🏻
  11. Howdy hive mind. I am about to purchase a TM M&P9 L and I have a curiosity about the red dot mounting point. I know there is a removable plate and that TM make a red dot that is a direct mount in to the gap but my question is, can any other red dot (In particular the Trijicon RMR) mount straight in to the gap or is a mounting plate needed? Any information and help appreciated. Cheers y’all.
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Pistol in all round excellent condition. Lightly used from new. Will come with - 3 x gas tight mags. M3 Style weapon light. Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Barrel (installed). Maple Leaf Autobot bucking (installed). Original box with contents. Can also come with a Safariland Holster for 226-M3 and Safariland drop leg panel (pictured). Please note, if you would like the holster it will be an additional £35 on the listed price. Holster can be sold separately. I am willing to trade but there are only two pistols that have my interest at the moment. VFC Gen 2 HK VP9 and the TM HK 45 Tac Black. Payment can be through PayPal G&S or cash on collection. I’m happy to post. Buyer covers postage and PayPal fees. Thanks for looking🤙🏻


    , Lincolnshire - GB

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    Tokyo Marui NGRS HK 416 Delta Black. Maple Leaf Autobot bucking. Maple Leaf Omega tensioner. Magic Box Spring guide. Wired to deans. Prometheus locking trigger pin. Prometheus hardened body pins. Magpul CTR stock with modified butt plate to accept batteries. Original stock. Magpul MOE VFG. Original flip up iron sights. 4 x TM 82rnd Mags. 3x batteries. Blank side of receiver finished off with military trades. Rear sling mount for NGRS. Comes with original box. Can come with a rifle bag if that floats your boat😊 Hasn’t seen a lot of use as I like to mix it up through the arsenal. Only selling to fund a GBB rifle. It’s a great rifle in overall excellent condition that fires and runs a treat. Rushed the ad so no up close images of it. Please do ask if you want more and I shall get them pronto. A kit pic and action shot will have to suffice for now😅 *please note, all accessories other than the ones mentioned will not come with it unless previously discussed with interested party. Payment via PayPal G&S or cash on collection. Buyer covers postage and fees. Don’t mind meeting half way if you aren’t to far.


    - GB

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    I am in the market for a TM MTR 16 package. I would mainly like to trade for my TM HK 416 Delta package (details of package on request) but will also entertain purchases of your MTR. I have included the only current image I have of my Delta. More images can be taken on request.


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