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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Less than a year old, completely stock. Comes with two gas mags (one which has has a broken bit on the end if the spring, it still feeds and functions properly, but you just need to be aware when loading not to put bbs in between the top of spring and under the feeder bit). Box and gubbins as pictured. £70 + Postage if not collecting.


    Milton Keynes

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Two years old. Bunch of bits added over the years. Gate Nano Asr Mosfet Rewired and New microswitch trigger (Jan 19) Asg infinity motor 22000 Prowin Rotary Hop Up Grips, pop up sight and stock as pictured Metal spring guide. Came stock with a tighbore barrel and a pretty solid gearbox. It's always been reliable rather than a fancy showstopper. Selling as I no longer play. Shoots at 310 on 0.25s 12rpm £85 + Postage if not collecting.


    Milton Keynes

  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    THESE GOGGLES WILL NOT FOG. THEY ARE GOOD GOGGLES WITH A FAN UNIT THAT IS PIPED INTO THE EYESPACES SO THAT THERE IS A MOVEMENT OF COOL AIR. Exfog - https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/exfog-antifog-system-t-band See this thread for more details - 1x ESS Advancer Goggles 2x Spare Lenses (Comes with clear, yelow and smoke) 1x Fan unit with rechargeable battery 1x manual Extra pipes for further mod Spare velcro patches for attached fan unit to helmet or hat Overhead strap for fan unit Bag for lenses



  4. https://www.tacticalwarfare.co.uk/ 40mins from Greenwich
  5. @djben9 Gunman, TeamGreen and Swas have been added. Swas only until end of April until I can see details of alternating dates. Let me know if anything needs editing. @clumpyedge AWA was on there, but expired as the list of game days is short. I've added the dates on the website. Can you confirm its every two weeks? If so i'll just repeat it till end of the year.
  6. Maintained-ish. Pulling info from websites can sometimes be tricky. Many of the sites that don't get regular listings is due to my inability/difficulty discerning what games are happening and when. Many sites run regular games days so duplicating details on dates is straightforward. Some sites (Tuddenham being one) make it less than clear (to me anyway) the regularity/repetition of game days. Happy to add anything to the site, if people know of game days that aren't listed, email them to me and i'll update them....
  7. +1 on the exfog, gamechanger for me all being said. Also my lonex midcaps, take around 200 rounds and feed beautifully. Make game days just pain free!
  8. I've got a recon alpha and yeah it's a starter gun but for what you get I feel people rag on them far too much. Tighbore barrel, half decent motor and an efficiently put together gearbox. Mines had a great two years and has only just needed some tlc as the trigger got gacked up with carbon. Stick a better hop Unit and rubber in it and utilise the quick change gearbox and try out a few springs. I clipped down an M100 and I get 305-310 on .25s. They seem to got a lot of bad press nuprol.
  9. Bit of credit where credit is due. @Iceni All your advice has been spot on. I ordered a nanoasr and a new wiring loom with microswitch. Went to fit them and found that my gearbox had two 8mm bearing that had bust and found the contacts in the existing microswitch were covered in carbon. Replaced the bearings with some bushings. Rewired the gearbox with some sexy new 16 awg silicon wire and the new microswitch from the loom I ordered (the wire that came with it was the same as in there previously and is this rubbish, brittle 18 gauge stuff), fitted the mosfet and voila - she lives to pew pew another day! Just wanted to say thanks for the spot on advice. And also a nod to @Sitting Duckfor an ancient post I found on here of his that waffled on about wiring, gauges and routing signal wires. Long winded but also very, very helpful. Thanks chaps...
  10. Ahh. This makes things much clearer. So a mosfet would reduce the wear on the switch and prolong its life. Makes sense. I think i'll include a nanoASR when I change out the switch then. Many thanks for the excellent info/advice.
  11. Thanks. I've had it a few years now and its the first thing that's broken on it. Found a replacement nuprol wiring set with microswitch from bullseye. How come? How much does battery type come into this?
  12. My gun died on me pre-chrono today. Popped the battery in, fired a few times - fine. Then went to chrono and...nothing. No life. Thought it could the motor contacts. But I've replaced them and nope. Then I thought the motor, but I've tested it in another gun and no issue, works fine. I've had the motor out and tested it and the trigger is intermittent at best; turns the motor but then cuts out and not on a full pull, like half pull and it spins. The motor won't turn the gearbox when its positioned in the grip. Tried all my batteries, no dice. My gun has a micro-switch, is it dead? Anyone replaced one and has some insight? Would it be better to replace the microswitch/trigger mech with a mosfet? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  13. Hello all... So I have this old ICS MP5 - I think its the first version has the clam-shell upper receiver and a flat tab at the rear of the lower which the upper rests on and the stock cap sits around. I bought a new lower for it (a version 2 from the ICS box it came in), as the old was naff and the selector had worn out the guide. I replaced the switch assembly, rewired it, added a mosfet, new selector plate as the old was broken and cleaned her up a great deal. But when I put it all together she wouldn't fire (no sound at all) and the trigger wouldn't return when pulled. I pulled out the gearbox again and tested it and the motor turned when I pulled the trigger. Could this be due to the old upper and new lower? Could the selector switch not be moving freely with the old gearbox? Is there anything else (quite possible a great deal) I'm missing? Any ideas welcome. Cheers
  14. For anyone who is interested @Druid799. Bought a Exfog from Patrol Base a few weeks back, chucked it on some V12 goggles and had, well, no fog, which was nice. Here is what I did. The ex fog comes with a headband so I fixed a cable tie to the nose bridge and clipped the headband to it (Pic 1). The other end of the headband has a plastic plate attached and either side of the plate are these Velcro straps which wrap around the strap for the goggles (Pic 2). For the tubes into the goggles I made some holes. The V12s have loads of vents so I used a soldering iron and melted the top most vents on either side to fit the tubes through (Pic 3). I trimmed down some biro lids to put the tubes through. These are in place to stop the straps and the moving parts of the frame clamping down on the tubes and restricting airflow (Pic 4). Then I ran the tubes and cut to size. You get two attachments for the back of the fan unit to direct the air, one which has tubes going down and one going out, I used the out one. Then I bought some velcro fabric wire tidy stuff from here and cut that to cover the straps on either side and the tubes (Pic 5&6). I was worried about the fit and the seal i'd get on my eyes, but it works really well. The side straps sit over the middle of my ears and are very comfortable and I get full seal around my eyes. They sit very nicely just above my mesh mask. (Pic 7) One thing I haven't figured out yet it just the placement of the unit with my hat. Its a flex fit, so pretty big and seems to sit low on the back, which pushes the unit down a bit. But its not so bad. Plus, no more fog so, win!
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