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    I'm selling my CM16 SRXL it comes with its retail box and stock magazine. This gun has had the following upgrades: ZCI bearing 13:1 gears shimmed and short stroked by 3 teeth Jcaged bearings Perun ETU++ Gearparts pom piston head Full CNC ZCI 14 tooth piston Rocket nozzle Rocket bearing spring guide Stock motor (was originally a high torque but this is being used in my new build) 363mm zci 6.02 inner barrel 3d printed outer barrel stabilizer Extended outer barrel ZCI hop unit Maple leaf 50 hop rubber Omega red soft nub Firegrip


    CROYDON, Surrey - GB

  2. I'm using the g&g drum magazine. I used some good old brass and drill and then thoroughly cleaned it out with isopropyl alcohol
  3. It's the stock g&g plastic hop and stock plastic nozzle, I will check for any burrs when I get home but surely that would effect the trajectory of the bb and once the barrel is clean it is laser sharp accurate. I have used vorsk .25 blaster devil .25 and some .25 tracer rounds all have had this issue. When I cleaned the barrel out on site the residue came off like a skin in bits
  4. Yep thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol I've also polished the inner barrel
  5. Here is a picture and this is after around 500 rounds
  6. So my gun shoots like a laser but after skirmishing it this evening I had massive accuracy issues after the first 90 minute game and looking my barrel it was full of a white residue I managed to removed it all with the unjamming end of my cleaning rid and my accuracy went back to laser perfect. It's a ZCI 200mm barrel, I have never had build up like this with any gun I've owned I use blaster devil bb's on all my guns so what could be causing this. I tried polishing the barrel hoping that might help but it still builds up instantly
  7. So I've finally fixed all my issues I short stroked by one tooth which to be fair I needed as I was over for my cqb sight and use the custom tappet plate and spring I now get perfect 294 to 297 on semi and 290 to 295 on full auto which is close enough I use 3 round burst anyway and that stays at around the semi fps level. Who would have thought a simple motor upgrade would be this much stress especially as its pretty much the same rpm as my stock ifrit motor
  8. Ok one modified tappet plate I removed a small amount at the top so it picks up a bit later and removed some from the bottom so it goes back faster should I take a bit more from the bottom or do you think that's enough
  9. Is it safe to take 4 coils from tappet spring?
  10. Mine is very similar in shape a bit bigger but I have the extended side in the right as well
  11. Would my shs delayer chip have any effect on this?
  12. But all my batteries are 11.1v 30c There must be another way
  13. FIXED IT!!!!!!!! so my stupid titan's battery protection and overdischarge protection was not playing nice with my warhead (i was unaware but warhead motors have thier own battery protection) so now with active breaking at 100% my nozzle remains in the released position after every shot meaning the seal intact and my fps stays within a 5fps ish variance. Now my final issue to solve is the 50fps drop when I go to full auto
  14. Ok the plot thickens, I put the warhead in my m4 with its 18:1 gears and perun mofset and found it was perfect so I looked at my mofset realised my preun had some quiet heavy active breaking on. I put the warhead back in my arp9 and tur Ed on 100% active breaking and bingo my fos was bang on but with a caviet the warhead motor seems to fire a few shots then on the next shot it just moves a tiny bit enough to pull the nozzle back but doesn't cycle and then the next shot is fine and it continues doing this at random so I began dropping the active breaking pwm level down 20% at a time and no matter what level it does it
  15. Nope no signs of pre engagement I initially tried this with the same gears but short stroked by 3 teeth and my first thought was ot didn't like the short stroking so I grabbed a new set of gears and just changed out the sector gear issue still persists. I do have a delayer chip installed I have tried it with and without with the same result
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